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Latest routes shared by community members

Walking Ballinger and The Lee

Association or club
↔8.15 km ↗+53 m ↘-58 m ◔2h 30 ▲Easy
⚑Departure from Great Missenden (Buckinghamshire)

A mixed route on footpaths and tracks through fields and woodland, visiting the picturesque village green at The Lee.

Walking Castleside to Lanchester - Way of Light

↔10.55 km ↗+55 m ↘-165 m ◔3h 10 ▲Moderate
⚑Departure from Healeyfield (County Durham)

This section of the Way of Light from rural Castleside to the pretty village of Lanchester passes through some of the rolling hilly landscapes of County Durham. The route first passes over the impressive Hownsgill Viaduct then follows the Lanchester Valley Path through farmland.

Walking Kepier and Gilesgate Circular

↔4.61 km ↗+58 m ↘-58 m ◔1h 30 ▲Easy
⚑Departure from City of Durham (County Durham)

This walk will take you through the history and development of the districts to the west of Durham City. Starting at the modern developments on the river bank, past the medieval Kepier Hospital, through post-war housing developments to one of the older streets in Durham and finally past the ruins of a 13th Century chapel.

Walking Afton Water and Glenafton from Danny's Brig

↔3.62 km ↗+36 m ↘-10 m ◔1h 10 ▲Moderate
⚑Departure from East Ayrshire

A short walk down to the River Afton, upstream along a path for a mile and then back along a minor road to the parking spot.

Walking Eglinton Improver

Association or club
↔3.71 km ↗+20 m ↘-20 m ◔1h 05 ▲Easy
⚑Departure from North Ayshire

A pleasant woodland fitness walk on countryside trails with pulse raising finisher.

Walking Gateshead to Gosforth Along the Great North Road

↔6.90 km ↗+60 m ↘-53 m ◔2h 10 ▲Easy
⚑Departure from Gateshead (England)

The 9th and final section of the Great North Road crosses the River Tyne, the original boundary between County Durham and Northumberland, over the iconic Tyne Bridge into Newcastle Upon Tyne and traces the route through the city, passing the Town Moor to Gosforth along the Great North Road - look out signs bearing this name as you walk.

Walking Along the Great North Road (County Durham)

↔65.49 km ↗+458 m ↘-420 m ◔4 days ▲Difficult
⚑Departure from Hurworth (Darlington)

The Great North Road ran from London in the south to Edinburgh in the north. This was once a coaching route, but in later years this has been replaced by the A1 which sadly bypasses many of the pretty villages and towns along the route. This trail traces the route from Croft-on-Tees in the south on the border of North Yorkshire and County Durham to Newcastle-upon-Tyne. There are still remnants of that bygone age to be seen on this historical journey.

Walking Surfleet circular via Surfleet Seas End

Surfleet circular via Surfleet Seas End
↔6.51 km ↗+4 m ↘-4 m ◔1h 50 ▲Easy
⚑Departure from Surfleet CP (Lincolnshire)

Nice walk for when it is poor underfoot. Starting at great pub "Riverside Hotel", following River Glen by Spalding Golf course, crossing river at the lock to sea. Returns down quiet lanes to Surfleet.

Walking Kay Park, Kilmarnock

Association or club
↔1.05 km ↗+225 m ↘-220 m ◔0h 55 ▲Easy
⚑Departure from East Ayrshire

This is an amenity park walk on tarmac surfaces with some gentle gradients.

Walking Kilbirnie Public Park

Association or club
↔0.78 km ↗+171 m ↘-165 m ◔0h 45 ▲Easy
⚑Departure from North Ayshire

An amenity park walk on tarmac surfaces with a pulse-raising gradient. This walk is within a short distance of Kilbirnie Main street.

Walking Kay Park with Kilmarnock Water section

Association or club
↔1.58 km ↗+240 m ↘-293 m ◔1h 10 ▲Easy
⚑Departure from East Ayrshire

This is an amenity park walk on tarmac surfaces with some steeper gradients.

Walking Lincolnshire Coast Path - Wrangle to Wainfleet

Lincolnshire Coast Path - Wrangle to Wainfleet
↔12.50 km ↗+4 m ↘-4 m ◔3h 35 ▲Moderate
⚑Departure from Boston (Lincolnshire)

A beach walk from Wrangle to Wainfleet. An alternative route to the coastal defence banks that provides a little more interest. Open flat farmland, tiny hamlets and a long straight footpath that was once thought to have been a Roman road. The end of the walk is at Batemans Brewery where a worthy reward of some handsome ale can be purchased in this unique setting within the confines of an old windmill.

Walking Lincolnshire Coast Path - Boston to Wrangle

Lincolnshire Coast Path - Boston to Wrangle
↔15.53 km ↗+4 m ↘-4 m ◔4h 25 ▲Moderate
⚑Departure from Boston (Lincolnshire)

A beach walk from Boston to Wrangle. An alternative route to the coastal defence banks that provides a change to the marsh views. Open flat farmland, tiny hamlets, large churches and plenty of pubs along the way. Not strictly part of a coast path but this route roughly follows the coast of medieval times when Wrangle boasted the third largest harbour along this section of coastline.

Walking Knebworth Circular Walk

Knebworth Circular Walk
↔8.03 km ↗+56 m ↘-56 m ◔2h 25 ▲Easy
⚑Departure from Knebworth (Hertfordshire)

A walk around Knebworth taking in Rabley Heath nature reserve.
A short circular walk that includes a section through woodland of Rabley Heath Nature Reserve. Refreshments can be found at The Robin Hood and The Lytton Arms which has a large selection of real ales.

Walking Great Dunmow Town Trail

Great Dunmow Town Trail
↔4.25 km ↗+30 m ↘-30 m ◔1h 20 ▲Easy
⚑Departure from Great Dunmow (Essex)

A circular walk around the small Essex town of Great Dunmow.
With plenty of historic buildings, a fine 13th century church, some great pubs and a fantastic Indian Restaurant this provides any visitor a taste of this ancient town. The walk is simple and easy and one cannot visit Dunmow without discovering the interesting history of the Dunmow Fitch which is the main feature to this walk.

Walking Ouse Valley Way - St Neots to Houghton

Ouse Valley Way - St Neots to Houghton
↔21.84 km ↗+5 m ↘-22 m ◔6h 15 ▲Difficult
⚑Departure from St. Neots (Cambridgeshire)

A walk along the Ouse Valley Way from St Neots to Houghton.
A perfect river side walk following the gentle flowing River Ouse as it meanders past nature reserves to Godmanchester. From here there is easy access into Huntingdon or across the meadows to Houghton and its infamous mill. A perfect way to enjoy a summers day.

Walking Ouse Valley Way - Houghton to St Ives Circular Walk

Ouse Valley Way - Houghton to St Ives Circular Walk
↔8.78 km ↗+5 m ↘-5 m ◔2h 30 ▲Easy
⚑Departure from Houghton and Wyton (Cambridgeshire)

A circular walk from Houghton to St Ives using the Ouse Valley Way.
A simple and easy riverside walk following the course of the River Ouse. The walk uses the Ouse Valley Way to St Ives, returning via the picturesque Hemingford villages, full of thatched cottages and world charm. There's plenty of pubs, there's river locks, there's the iconic mill at Houghton which makes this a well worthwhile wander. Make a whole day of it and take in the sights and sounds and, of course, the quintessential English pubs.

Walking In Search of The King of the Belgians

In Search of The King of the Belgians
↔3.22 km ↗+5 m ↘-2 m ◔0h 55 ▲Easy
⚑Departure from Houghton and Wyton (Cambridgeshire)

A pub crawl to the Huntingdonshire pub known as The King of the Belgians.
The unique pub name of The King of the Belgians is not the only reason to search out this hostelry. It has an excellent range of ales, offers good food, provides good company and has an intriguing history with regard to its names. This walk uses the road from Houghton so it is an easy stroll with other pubs along the route.

Walking Henley-on-Thames - Town, River & Woodland

Association or club
Henley-on-Thames - Town, River & Woodland
↔17.73 km ↗+147 m ↘-146 m ◔5h 30 ▲Moderate
⚑Departure from Henley-on-Thames (Oxfordshire)

This walk is packed with so much of interest it’s impossible to describe it all here. It includes the history and architecture of Henley, the picturesque Thames and the natural beauty of Chiltern woodland.

Walking Ouse Valley Way - Bedford to St Neots

Ouse Valley Way - Bedford to St Neots
↔27.04 km ↗+4 m ↘-17 m ◔7h 45 ▲Difficult
⚑Departure from Bedford

A riverside walk along the Ouse Valley Way between Bedford and St Neots.
Despite the increasing urbanisation between Bedord and St Neots, the riverside sections of this walk provide some pleasant rambles. Particularly notable is the 15th century river bridge at Great Barford and the riverside parks at St Neots.

Walking Wroxham to Norwich via Spixworth

Wroxham to Norwich via Spixworth
↔16.17 km ↗+30 m ↘-30 m ◔4h 40 ▲Moderate
⚑Departure from Hoveton (Norfolk)

A linear walk between Wroxham and Norwich. Walk linking the Bittern Railway Line stations of Wroxham and Norwich. The route cuts across to Spixworth using tracks and country lanes from where there is pedestrian access through to the centre of Norwich. Spixworth has an interesting history of folklore which is discussed in the features of this walk.

Walking Wherrymans Way - Norwich to Thurton

Wherrymans Way - Norwich to Thurton
↔20.15 km ↗+75 m ↘-60 m ◔6h 00 ▲Difficult
⚑Departure from Norwich (Norfolk)

A walk along Norfolk's Wherryman's Way. This is a delightful riverside walk following the River Yare out of Norwich and through to Rockland St Mary. Public transport can link the start and end by navigating down quiet country lanes to Thurton. Whitlingham Country Park provides an easy route to start and there's refreshment stops at Woods End and the Ferry Inn at Surlingham.

Walking The Wherrymans Way - Rockland to Loddon

The Wherrymans Way - Rockland to Loddon
↔24.44 km ↗+21 m ↘-22 m ◔7h 05 ▲Difficult
⚑Departure from Thurton (Norfolk)

A walk along Norfolks Wherrymans Way. The only way one can see the sights of the River Yare is to either sail the river or walk the Wherrymans Way. Even in a boat, one cannot get as good a view as the path along the heightened defence banks. This is stereotypical Norfolk in all its glory and although it is a lengthy section of walking, it is well worth the effort.

Walking Pangbourne Circular

Pangbourne Circular
↔9.29 km ↗+132 m ↘-136 m ◔3h 00 ▲Easy
⚑Departure from Pangbourne (West Berkshire)

This is a stile-free circular walk around Pangbourne countryside and along River Thames.

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