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Visorando aims to provide free, turn-by-turn route descriptions and high-quality map layers. These are also available from our free mobile app. All our curated routes are submitted by private individuals or professionals then selected by a team of volunteer moderators.

We would therefore like to encourage you to contribute by submitting your routes so we can publish them and make them available to the largest number of people possible! 

Many reasons motivate outdoor enthusiasts like you to contribute to the Visorando community and one of them is to become an author. We also value time and effort, that’s why we have a surprise waiting for you once your first walk has been published!

At any step along the journey, the team of moderators is here to guide you so do not hesitate to drop any questions on the author's forum here.  

Here is how to do it:

Frequent questions

Help and support

Please feel free to consult the forum for any issues regarding the selection of the walks. You can post any questions you have and we will respond quickly. Click here to access the forum.

Tutorial video

How to publish a walk on Visorando ? All steps are explained in the video below.



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