Wiedener Eck, Belchenseilbahn loop, Baden-Wurttemberg region

This is a great circular walk ground through the famous black forest where you will find great views of the German and French valleys.

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A Wieden walk posted on 08/05/22 by Delphinium. Last update : 13/05/22
Calculated time Calculated time: 5h55 ?
Distance Distance : 14.54 km
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 621 m
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 620 m
Highest point Highest point : 1,421 m
Lowest point Lowest point : 1,004 m
Difficult Difficulty : Difficult
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Area Area : Forêt Noire
Location Location : Wieden
Starting point Starting point : N 47.844259° / E 7.867029°
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(D/A) Start from Wiedener Eck (1035m) car park at the junction between L123 and K6341. From there you start with an incredible view of the valley.

From the car park take the footpath South-South-West located next to the information board following the Wiedener Eck Tor waymarker. Follow the footpath uphill parallel to K6341 road with a great view of the valley on your left-hand side. At the junction, keep your left on the footpath going above Gut Lilienfein hotel/cafe.

(1) Eventually, you will enter a woodland, and cross a tiny river. When you exit the woodland you will get to a ski hill on your right-hand side, take the footpath below the lift building and keep straight (South-West) at the junction. You will enter the woods again, when you find some paths coming from your left, carry straight on following the Wiedener Eck Tor waymarker still parallel to the K6341. When you get to a junction of path with one coming from your right, ignore it and go straight to the road (K6341).

(2) Cross the road with care straight ahead (South-South-West). Here be careful it's a junction with many paths. take the second one counting from your right-hand going downhill. Keep in mind the Wiedener Eck Tor waymarker and also Belchen sign.

Go down South into the valley ignoring the paths coming from left and right. On your right-hand side you will now have an open field with a river. Go down this path, as it curves right, you will see a carved bench and just after cross the river.

(3) At the next junction keep left along the riverside, do not go up the hill. You now have the river on your left-hand side. When you reach houses, keep right at both junctions. You will pass above the houses. Be careful at the end of the house and seek a footpath straight away on your left (South) to join Untermulten road.

Here follow the road around the hotel to reach a wide road (L142). Turn right (North-West) on L142 and follow it up to the Hotel/café. When you reach the Hotel/café cross the road with care and take the footpath South going past a retreat centre. Walk up that path to the next junction.

(4) At the junction turn right (West) uphill following Belchen sign. At the next junction keep straight and again until you reach Belchen 4 stars Hotel and its yellow cable-lift. Just past the hotel and just before the lift, turn left (North-West) uphill under the cable lines.

This part is quite steep going uphill to Belchen viewpoint where the lift goes. Keep going uphill as the path curves. On your way, you will pass a carved bench on your right-hand when the path curves left. Eventually, you reach a road.

(5) Cross it and take the footpath straight ahead uphill under the cable lines. The footpath zig-zag uphill to the station with a rewarding restaurant and view! Walk past the building and take the second footpath from your left going (North-West). Do not take the first left one. There is an incredible view here as the path curves right to go to the top of Rundwed Belchen.

(6) After enjoying the 360° view over France and the Ballon d'Alsace and the Black Forest and the orientation table go straight East downhill. As the footpath curves right, take the footpath straight East which zig-zag towards the woodland. At the next path junction, go straight (North-East) to enter the woods. Go downhill to reach a wider path. Cross this path straight ahead and keep downhill left (South-West) at the next junction.

(7) You should still follow the Wiedener Eck Tor waymarker again. At the next junction turn sharp right (North-North-East) and follow this path as it becomes a grave path curving right. At the next junction, take the 3rd footpath from your left following the same Wiedener Eck Tor waymarker. This one goes North-East. At the next junction keep right (North-East) and the next junctions keep East following the Wiedener Eck Tor waymarker.

(8) Look at the map here. Take the left (North-North-East) footpath at this junction. You will eventually pass under a cable line. This part is quite tricky so look for the Wiedener Eck Tor waymarker keeping East. At some stage you. will pass the start of another cable line with an incredible view of the valley.

(9) A welcoming wooden bench will appear on your right hand as the path curves right (East). Carry on this footpath to join the Wiedener Eck (1035m) car park. (D/A)

Waypoints :
D/A : km 0 - alt. 1,035 m - Wiedener Eck (1035m)
1 : km 0.69 - alt. 1,097 m - Gut Lilienfein hotel/cafe
2 : km 2.01 - alt. 1,159 m - K6341
3 : km 3.3 - alt. 1,063 m - River into open valley
4 : km 4.72 - alt. 1,026 m - Path junction - Belchen sign
5 : km 6.73 - alt. 1,249 m - Road - Lift cable line
6 : km 8.27 - alt. 1,421 m - Rundwed Belchen summit (1414m)
7 : km 9.85 - alt. 1,165 m - Downhill
8 : km 12.81 - alt. 1,163 m - Junction of path
9 : km 14.1 - alt. 1,060 m - Wooden bench - Ski lift
D/A : km 14.54 - alt. 1,039 m - Wiedener Eck (1035m)

Useful Information

Keep in mind to follow the Wiedener Eck Tor waymarker and also the Belchen sign. This path needs good shoes and walking poles could help as there are quite steep inclines. If you do not want to walk all the way to the top of Belchen you can take the cable lift from Belchen 4 stars Hotel. https://www.skiresort.info/ski-resort/be...

Car park : Free car park at Wiedener Eck (1035m) : junction between L123 and K6341.

Facilities: Restaurants, and toilets are available at different spots along the way. The "Forêt Noire" cake and Flammekech are really tasty.

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

During the walk or to do/see around

  • Plenty of amazing views over the valleys and France
  • Carved wooden benches

The GPS track and description are the property of the author.