Three Rivers Walk, Meldreth

Walk along the river Mel, river Rhee (Cam) and river Shep. Passing the Royal Oak Barrington, the Plough Shepreth and the Green Man Dunsbridge Turnpike.

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A Meldreth walk posted on 14/04/21 by MSFCRP. Last update : 08/11/22
Calculated time Calculated time: 4h10 ?
Distance Distance : 14.59 km
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 9 m
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 9 m
Highest point Highest point : 28 m
Lowest point Lowest point : 15 m
Moderate Difficulty : Moderate
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Location Location : Meldreth
Starting point Starting point : N 52.090891° / E 0.009353°
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Start : Meldreth Station

(D/A) Leave Meldreth Station via the footpath on the Cambridge Platform, and when you reach the High Street turn right (North).

(1) Turn right (East) into Flambards Close, and at the end of the road cross the bridge into the Melwood Nature Reserve. Then, turn left (North), following the path along the river Mel all the way past the water mill to Meldreth Church at North End street.

(2) Turn right (East) onto North End, and follow the road as it curves out of Meldreth.

(3) Turn left (North-East) at Malton Lane, and look out for the footpath sign on your right (East).

(4) Turn right (East) onto the footpath and follow it as it curves left through the woods and along the river Rhee to the Riverside Meadows.

(5) At the car park turn left (North-East) and follow the road (Shepreth Road) through Barrington, past the bridges over the rivers, past the Royal Oak pub and on through one of the longest village greens in England. Continue on West Green then High Street to the end of the green to see Barrington Church.

(6) From the church, return along the High Street and at Boot Lane turn left (south-Esat) and follow the road to the end to pick up the footpath. Cross over two bridges.

(7) At the end of the second footbridge, turn right (South-West) and follow the path along the river Rhee and the field edge, eventually turning left (south) along the river Shep. Cross the railway line and walk down Angle Lane around the back of Shepreth Wildlife Park. You may catch a glimpse of the wolves through the trees. At this point, you could turn right to return to the Shepreth Station on Station Road.

(8) Otherwise, where Angle Lane meets Station Road just past the bridge, follow the footpath left (South-West) to cut the corner onto the High Street. The Plough pub will be just ahead of you.

(9) Walk down High Street and opposite the lane leading to Shepreth Church look for a footpath sign to your left (Esat), and follow the footpath along the river to the busy A10.

(10) Cross the A10 and turn right, following the track down to Dunsbridge Turnpike just past Dunsbridge Business park car park.

(11) Opposite the Green Man pub, turn left (East) down a footpath, and follow it all the way to Fowlmere road.

(12) When you reach the road, turn right (South-West) at the bridge and walk down the road until you see a stile on your left as the road curves right.

(13) Cross the stile (south-West) and walk along the Kingsway Golf Course, admiring the Jurassic Links Crazy Golf, then cut diagonally (South-West) across the field to reach Cambridge Road into Melbourn.

Turn left on Cambridge Road becoming High Street. You will pass Melbourn Hub - a community cafe serving hot and cold drinks, home made food and cakes.

(14) By Melbourn Church, at Station Road turn right (North-West) and go past Sheene Mill, a magnificent 16th Century Mill House set on the River Mel with outstanding views over the old mill pond and Cambridgeshire countryside.

(15) Where Station Road turns left, look for the footpath sign on your right and follow the footpath (North-North-West) all the way back to Meldreth Station.(D/A)

Waypoints :
D/A : km 0 - alt. 24 m - Meldreth Railway Station
1 : km 0.3 - alt. 24 m - Flambards Way
2 : km 1.52 - alt. 22 m - Holy Trinity Church, Meldreth
3 : km 2.11 - alt. 20 m - Malton Lane
4 : km 2.42 - alt. 18 m - Footpath to Riverside Meadows
5 : km 4.51 - alt. 17 m - Riverside Meadows Car Park
6 : km 6.23 - alt. 22 m - Boot Lane
7 : km 6.83 - alt. 16 m - Second Bridge
8 : km 8.7 - alt. 22 m - End of Angle Lane
9 : km 9.25 - alt. 23 m - Footpath opposite Church
10 : km 9.8 - alt. 23 m - A10 Crossing
11 : km 10.31 - alt. 22 m - Green Man Pub
12 : km 11.23 - alt. 23 m - Fowlmere Corner
13 : km 11.54 - alt. 23 m - Stile at Corner of Fowlmere Road
14 : km 13.65 - alt. 27 m - Station Road
15 : km 14.16 - alt. 25 m - Footpath to Meldreth Station
D/A : km 14.59 - alt. 24 m - Meldreth Railway Station

Useful Information

Refreshments available from:

  • The Royal Oak, Barrington
  • The Plough, Shepreth
  • The Green Man, Dunsbridge Turnpike
  • The Hub, Melbourn
  • Sheene Mill, Melbourn

More information at Meldreth, Shepreth and Foxton Community Rail Partnership here.

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

During the walk or to do/see around

Holy Trinity Church Meldreth Grade I listed, the church consists of an unusually long chancel dating from the 12th century, an aisled nave with a south porch, and a west tower housing eight bells dating from the late 12th century.
Church of All Saints Barrington Grade I listed, the church has a chancel, aisled and clerestoried nave from the 13th century with north and south porches and side chapels, and a west tower from the 13th century containing six bells.
Church of All Saints Shepreth Grade II listed, the church is an ancient edifice of brick and flint, in the early English style and consisting of a nave and low western tower with two bells. The chancel arch dates from the early 12th century
Church of All Saints Melbourn Grade II listed, the church includes sections of the 13th century building including the chancel arch and sections of the tower. The font dates from the 11th century.

Opinions and comments


Global average : 4.67/5
Number of opinions : 6
Clarity of route description : 4.33/5
Clarity of route map : 4.83/5
Walk interest : 4.83/5

on Tue 08 Nov 2022 04:37:51 EST

Thank you all for this feedback. I am going to contact the author and see who is in charge of maintaining this area.
Enjoy your walk

on Mon 07 Nov 2022 05:11:36 EST

Global average : 4.67 / 5

Date of walk : 06/11/22
Clarity of route description : ★★★★★ Very good
Clarity of route map : ★★★★★ Very good
Walk interest : ★★★★☆ Good

Mostly easy walking - as previously noted, a small part of the route starting to become overgrown - needs walkers with secateurs.
In one place branches of a large tree are directly across the route and have to be crawled under as it’s impossible to detour round them. It seems this has been the case for more than a year - needs a couple of able people with a chain saw to clear the route

on Sun 28 Aug 2022 15:24:58 EDT

Global average : 5 / 5

Date of walk : 27/08/22
Clarity of route description : ★★★★★ Very good
Clarity of route map : ★★★★★ Very good
Walk interest : ★★★★★ Very good

Very good walk except point 4 to 5 as everyone else has mentioned.

Point 4-5 very difficult path that stretch for approximately 1 km near the river. I almost found myself in the water. Be extra careful!

Other than that, lovely walk. Excellent instructions!

on Mon 25 Apr 2022 03:43:25 EDT

Global average : 4.67 / 5

Date of walk : 24/04/22
Clarity of route description : ★★★★☆ Good
Clarity of route map : ★★★★★ Very good
Walk interest : ★★★★★ Very good

A lovely country walk following streams and taking you through the village of Barrington with its very long green, lined with thatched cottages. As previously mentioned, the 4-5 section requires climbing round or over stotm-felled trees.

on Sun 19 Sep 2021 10:25:40 EDT

No, you're correct about the overgrown nature of the section between points 4 & 5.

It's definitely the least pleasant section of the walk given the need to scramble past/duck under fallen trees and push through a path edged with nettles and brambles for much of the way.

There's even a point where it looks like the path is going straight into the water but then nips back into the undergrowth.

on Sat 18 Sep 2021 11:54:38 EDT

Global average : 4.33 / 5

Date of walk : 16/09/21
Clarity of route description : ★★★★☆ Good
Clarity of route map : ★★★★☆ Good
Walk interest : ★★★★★ Very good

Due to a train problem, we only did part of the route and in reverse order from Foxton station to Barrington and then through the meadows intending to finish at Meldreth station for the train home.

It was good and we enjoyed visiting Barrington for the first time. A lovely big village green and interesting buildings and thatched cottages.

We then took the route through the meadows from point 5 to point 4. However exiting the meadows at the southern kissing gate, the permissive footpath got increasingly overgrown with fallen trees to the point where we could not get any further due to one very large fallen tree. We could not see any other route that we had overlooked.

So we went back to point 5 and walked down the road to Shepreth station.

Did we miss a turning and who should we inform about the overgrown nature of the footpath ?

We are planning to return and do the rest of the circuit , so thank you for the route and the maps.

on Thu 29 Jul 2021 05:24:24 EDT

Global average : 4.67 / 5

Date of walk : 27/07/21
Clarity of route description : ★★★★☆ Good
Clarity of route map : ★★★★★ Very good
Walk interest : ★★★★★ Very good

Section 4 Path thru the woods very overgrown . Very difficult walking.

Section 9 Correction needed LEFT not RIGHT

on Mon 14 Jun 2021 03:19:15 EDT

Global average : 4.67 / 5

Date of walk : 11/06/21
Clarity of route description : ★★★★☆ Good
Clarity of route map : ★★★★★ Very good
Walk interest : ★★★★★ Very good

I didn't see a footpath sign at point 4 but there's a fairly obvious overgrown track at the edge of the field and the walk along the river side, before getting to the Riverside Meadows, is quite overgrown with large selection of stinging nettles....wear long trousers for this section and you'll be fine.

At point 9, I think a better direction would be... pass the lane on the right that leads to Shepreth Church and 30 yds further on take the signposted footpath on your left

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