The Craven Arms circular, Enborne

This walk brings you around Enbourne area visiting Avery's Pightle Nature Reserve.

Technical sheet

A Enborne walk posted on 08/09/23 by Newbury Pub Walks. Last update : 28/09/23
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    Activity: Walking
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    Distance: 5.80 km
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    Calculated time: 1h45 
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    Difficulty: Easy

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    Return to departure point: Yes
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    Vertical gain: + 33 m
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    Vertical drop: - 34 m

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    Highest point: 130 m
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    Lowest point: 88 m
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    District: Enborne 
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    Start/End: N 51.380908° / W 1.387806°

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Start : The Craven Arms, Enborne (RG20 0HG) Grid ref. SU427648

(S/E) From The Craven Arms, go out of the side (pedestrian) gate. Turn right in the lane towards Wash Common for about 400 yds to a footpath on the left.

(1) Follow this through wooden gates, across a drive.

(2) Then at the junction, bear left to a stile into a paddock. Exit this by a second stile (it's easier to get between the fence palings) and go forward through a wooded area. A couple of close-together stiles lead into a field and rising through somewhat boggy ground to a stile out onto a road.

(3) Turn left then immediately right onto another the footpath that leads you to an isolated white five bar gate. Go forward on the track to a small war memorial.

(4) Turn right on the drive out of Hamstead Park reaching the road again. Turn left and follow the road North-East towards Newbury for 350 yds, then turn sharp right into a metalled lane.

(5) Some 250 yds down this, take the footpath to the left-hand side of a front garden and follow it East-South-East down fields to a stile, a bridge over a small stream and through a wooded area.

(6) Back in the open country, bear right to follow the path South-West through fields, along the side of a wood, over a footbridge, and between wire fences to emerge on the lane once more.

(7) Turn left past Avery's Pightle for 250yds, then fork right into a tarmac lane, and go through a gap onto the parallel grassy footpath. Follow this over a stile until you reach the paddock you crossed earlier.

(2) From there, retrace your steps to The Craven Arms.(S/E)


  1. S/E : km 0 - alt. 97 m - The Craven Arms
  2. 1 : km 0.46 - alt. 96 m - Footpath left
  3. 2 : km 0.95 - alt. 94 m - Junction - Paddock
  4. 3 : km 1.48 - alt. 123 m - Road
  5. 4 : km 1.72 - alt. 129 m - Junction - Small war memorial
  6. 5 : km 2.67 - alt. 115 m - Metalled lane
  7. 6 : km 3.47 - alt. 92 m - Exit wooded area
  8. 7 : km 4.42 - alt. 89 m - Lane - Avery's Pightle
  9. S/E : km 5.8 - alt. 97 m - The Craven Arms

Useful Information

Start : The Craven Arms, Enborne (RG20 0HG) Grid ref. SU427648

Driving to start: About four miles from Newbury, go from Bartholomew Street into Pound Street and keep straight on for four miles to find the pub on the left at a road junction.

Refreshments: The Craven Arms is a popular pub with a large beer garden and play area, the Craven Arms serves good pub food and cask beers from Wadworths.

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