Malatrá Desot to La Fouly - Tour Mont Blanc

This 6th stage of the TMB continues to follow the stream Dora di Ferret from high up before dropping into the valley, for a while. From below the Pré de Bard Damon and all the way up to the Grand Col Ferret the ascent is almost 500m. Here the route enters Switzerland and it's pretty much downhill, around La Dotse to follow the stream Dranse de Ferret into La Fouly. The Tour Mont Blanc (TMB) is a classic long-distance footpath that goes around Mont Blanc, passing from France into Italy and through Switzerland before returning to France. Let's do it!

This walk is part of a multi-day hike: Tour Mont Blanc in 11 stages

Technical sheet

A Courmayeur walk posted on 06/03/23 by El Sud. Last update : 08/06/23
  • Walking
    Activity: Walking
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    Distance: 17.97 km
  • ◔
    Calculated time: 7h40 
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    Difficulty: Difficult

  • ∞
    Return to departure point: No
  • ↗
    Vertical gain: + 889 m
  • ↘
    Vertical drop: - 1,305 m

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    Highest point: 2,535 m
  • ▼
    Lowest point: 1,600 m
  • ⚐
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    District: Courmayeur 
  • ⚑
    Start: N 45.847009° / E 7.033769°
  • ⚑
    End: N 45.932888° / E 7.098654°
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    IGN map(s): Ref. 3630OT, 3630OTR

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Start : Refugio Walter Bonatti [https://www.rifu...] in Malatrà Desot.

(S) From the Refugio Walter Bonatti, go uphill to the crossroads at Malatrà Desot. Here bear left to head East maintaining the height.

(1) Cross a stream and drop gently down to Giué Desot.

(2) At a junction of paths, follow the TMB signs to take the right fork that climbs gently.

(3) Crosses a couple of streams, hugging the mountain most of the way.

(4) At the next junction of paths, take the left fork to drop quite quickly towards the stream Dora de Ferret to reach the car park and Chalet Val Ferret.

(5) Follow the TMB signs down the track to the entrance and turn sharp right to cross a wooden bridge. The track continues on the other side of the stream but the route leaves it to follow a path that climbs steadily North-East to go past Tza de Jean Desot and eventually reach the Refugio Elena (at 2,055m).

(6) After a short rest and some refreshments, the path now swings round to the right and climbs in zig-zag fashion past the Pré de Bard Damond (at 2,264m). Keep a look out for the TMB signs as there is a junction of paths and our route turns sharp left to climb up to the Grand Col Ferret (at 2,536m).

(7) The route now enters Swiss territory and drops down gently to go around the head-waters of a stream, keeping about half way between the valley floor and the mountain to the left, La Dotse (at 2,492m). The path begins to descend more steeply, crossing another route and passing the Alpage de La Peule.

(8) Continue following the TMB signs to drop down crossing the track a couple of times to finally cross the stream Dranse de Ferret.

(9) Follow the track on the other side of the stream, that joins a road at a car park at Le Clou, then continues in a North-Westerly direction, downstream.

(10) Just before the Hôtel du Col de Fenêtre, take a path off the road to the left and cross a footbridge over the Dranse de Ferret. Continue on the path on the other side to follow the stream to a junction of paths.

(11) Take the left fork that crosses the Torrent de Merdenson and joins another track further on. This stays above the Dranse de Ferret until another junction of paths.

(12) This junction of paths indicates a right turn to drop down to cross the stream again.

(13) Join the road again, bearing left to follow the Dranse de Ferret all the way into the village and to finally reach the Gîte de la Fouly in La Fouly(E).


  1. S : km 0 - alt. 2,024 m - Malatrà Desot
  2. 1 : km 0.44 - alt. 2,037 m - Stream
  3. 2 : km 0.82 - alt. 2,011 m - Junction of paths
  4. 3 : km 1.79 - alt. 2,041 m - Streams
  5. 4 : km 3.89 - alt. 2,002 m - Junction of paths
  6. 5 : km 5 - alt. 1,776 m - Chalet Val Ferret
  7. 6 : km 7.14 - alt. 2,059 m - Refugio Elena
  8. 7 : km 9.35 - alt. 2,535 m - Grand Col Ferret
  9. 8 : km 12.79 - alt. 2,068 m - Alpage de La Peule
  10. 9 : km 14.03 - alt. 1,781 m - Dranse de Ferret
  11. 10 : km 15.48 - alt. 1,709 m - Hôtel du Col de Fenêtre - Path off the road
  12. 11 : km 15.82 - alt. 1,670 m - Fork - Torrent de Merdenson
  13. 12 : km 16.81 - alt. 1,673 m - Junction of paths
  14. 13 : km 17.08 - alt. 1,617 m - Stream crossing
  15. E : km 17.97 - alt. 1,600 m - La Fouly

Useful Information

Start : Refugio Walter Bonatti [https://www.rifu...] in Malatrà Desot.

Facilities : Food and drink is available at the Chalet Val Ferret, Refugio Elena and Alpage de La Peule but make sure you have enough water, especially in summer.

Note : Wear a hat and use suncream. If it's winter, make sure you have strong boots and check the weather before venturing out on the mountains.

Always stay careful and alert while following a route. Visorando and the author of this walk cannot be held responsible in the event of an accident during this route.

During the walk or to do/see around

Enjoy the views and take your time. Take care of yourself and look out for wildlife along the way. Just enjoy the journey and make the most of the moment.

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