Loop around Plomb du Cantal

Its height of 1855 metres make Plomb du Cantal the second highest peak in the Massif Central after the Puy de Sancy.
Starting from the Col de Prat de Bouc, this hike initially leads to the summit ascent and descent on the northern slope, followed by a climb up the slopes of the Puy du Rocher before returning to Prat de Bouc.

Technical sheet

A Albepierre-Bredons walk posted on 09/01/16 by visorando. Last update : 19/07/19
  • Walking
    Activity: Walking
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    Distance: 14.25 km
  • ◔
    Calculated time: 6h35 
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    Difficulty: Difficult

  • ∞
    Return to departure point: Yes
  • ↗
    Vertical gain: + 892 m
  • ↘
    Vertical drop: - 891 m

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    Highest point: 1,828 m
  • ▼
    Lowest point: 1,294 m


Access : At Murat at the foot of Super-Lioran, take the D39 towards the Col de Prat de Bouc via Albepierre and park in the car park at the entrance to the Prat de Bouc station.

(S/F) Take the first road to the right going towards the station.

(1) Walk for 400m on this wide road and take a path up to the left near the stream.

(2) Go up left on the trail (GR4) to a fork.

(3) Keep right and continue up a scree.

(4) Turn left and go 100 m to rejoin the GR4 trail and 400 m right along the avalanche barriers and continue ahead to the top of the Plomb du Cantal and its plateau.

(5) Take time to admire the view using orientation table. Go down the marked path, continue on the big path and continue to head downhill to the Plomb du Cantal cable car.

(6) Take the path right in front of the cable car. Walk along the avalanche barrier and head downhill for 300 m until you reach a fork.

(7) Take the left path and go down through several winds and until you pass under the cable car line.

(8) Continue down to the right (the way is partly or wholly invisible) along the avalanche barriers to find the trail that takes you to Buron des Gardes and its small lake.

(9) Go around the small lake to the right and take the path that goes due north and then down through the forest to the Lioran station to a fork in the path.

(10) Take the very pretty path that goes right. Cross under cable car line again and begin a series of hairpin bends leading to the rise of the Puy du Rocher. Finally cross to the south to meet back up with the Pas des Alpins.

(11) As the pass, descend gently for 100 m then take the wide path to the left which will take you down through the Prés Marty at (2).

Then continue straight ahead to return to the Prat du Bouc site and the car park at the start of the walk (S/F).


  1. S/E : km 0 - alt. 1,382 m
  2. 1 : km 0.1 - alt. 1,386 m - Head right on the big path - Col de Prat de Bouc
  3. 2 : km 0.5 - alt. 1,399 m - Turn left onto the narrow path
  4. 3 : km 0.86 - alt. 1,429 m - Keep right
  5. 4 : km 1.77 - alt. 1,593 m - Go left at the scree
  6. 5 : km 3.02 - alt. 1,828 m - Summit of Plomb du Cantal - Plomb du Cantal
  7. 6 : km 3.54 - alt. 1,795 m - Turn right at the cable car
  8. 7 : km 3.82 - alt. 1,770 m - At the fork, turn left downhill
  9. 8 : km 4.66 - alt. 1,619 m - Continue straight ahead going off the trail
  10. 9 : km 5.61 - alt. 1,434 m - Buron des Gardes
  11. 10 : km 6.85 - alt. 1,294 m - Junction, turn right uphill
  12. 11 : km 10.07 - alt. 1,751 m - Pas des Alpins
  13. S/E : km 14.24 - alt. 1,382 m

Useful Information

On the loop you can stop for food at Buron du Baguet. Otherwise, there is everything you need at the Prat de Bouc site.

Always stay careful and alert while following a route. Visorando and the author of this walk cannot be held responsible in the event of an accident during this route.

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