Circuit of the Canal and Stang Luzigou

After skirting the Odet and the reaching of the old mills, a beautiful loop takes us through the wooded area of Stang Luzigou. On the return journey, pass through the Kerho Arboretum.
Discover the Saint-Corentin Chapel in the area known as Kreïker.

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A Ergué-Gabéric walk posted on 26/10/15 by LB_Neil. Last update : 29/02/20
Calculated time Calculated time: 3h15 ?
Distance Distance : 10.00 km
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 144 m
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 143 m
Highest point Highest point : 130 m
Lowest point Lowest point : 64 m
Easy Difficulty : Easy
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Location Location : Ergué-Gabéric (29500)
Starting point Starting point : N 48.030769° / W 4.021972°
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Access: From Quimper, take the D15 towards Coray. At the large roundabout of Croas Spern, turn left towards Odet-Lestonan and cross the whole town. Pass by all the old paper mills and park just before a bridge over a large embankment near the building of a tennis club.

(S) With your back to the car park, take the path along the left bank of the Odet river. The path winds through the trees while remaining close to the water. Further on along the mill race which brought water to the ancient paper mills.

(1) Cross the bridge over the Odet to head up to the left. Make a round trip of about 700 m to discover the Chapelle de Kreïsker (Saint-Corentin) following the GR38 markings.
On the return journey cross another bridge on the old canal.

Mountain bike markings 12 - 10 - 9
Locate a mountain bike marker post 12-10-9 and take the gravel path in uphill opposite. At the first fork (at the marker post) turn left and follow Chemin de Coat Piriou along the edge of the woods. Arrive at a small road at the place called Coat Piriou. Note an old bread oven here on your left. Continue uphill on this road, pass by the sign for Pratilès on the left and then, a little later on the right, pass by the return path (4).

(2) At the point where the roads meet, turn left at the sign for Pont Saint-Eloi (not noted on the IGN map).

No markings
Leave the access road to a house, head around the beautiful private property by the left and continue on the wide road called Hent Karaez. Follow it up to the next road and turn right. Beyond the old Kergoant farm where houses have been tastefully decorated.

(3) At the next fork, turn right and follow Route Créa'h Ergué ignoring a road on the left. At this beautiful property, look out for a bread oven on your left. Follow the road to the right (the sign for Pont Saint-Eloi, Pratilès, Coat Piriou) and, approximately 200 m after the roads met, at the mountain bike marker post, turn left and find the sign for Hent Karaez (4).

Mountain bike markings 12 10
Follow this path bordered by woods on the right and fields on the left. Continue to the marker post marked “Histoire d’arbres et de papier" + mountain bike 10.

No markings
(5) Turn left and follow this sunken road where the rock outcrops at times. Head down as far as the road.

Yellow markings
Turn right. Turn right to cross the hamlet of Quillihouarn where you will see a beautiful bread oven being restored. Find the road down to a stream and at Kerho, turn left at the gate to enter the Kerho Arboretum.

(6) Follow the broad downward path, ignore the first path on the right marked with a yellow cross and reach a large wooden gate protecting a watershed. Veer slightly to the right and go along the plantations of various species of oaks. Follow the yellow marks.

(7) Reach the exit barrier facing the Kerho Impasse (container bin at the roadside). Follow this path which is accessible to vehicles at first, but later bars their entry. Take Route de Keranguéo that leads to a car park (not on the map). On this vast esplanade, you will find picnic tables.
Veer right and follow the path marked in Yellow.

No markings
(8) Locate mountain bike markings and turn left despite the Yellow cross. Pass by the path, head down straight ahead and turn left at the first fork. Follow the wide path through the woods that leads to a staircase descending steeply. Do not take this, but instead continue the broad side trail.

(9) At the first intersection, turn right and follow the path down to the houses of Stang Luzigou. Here, follow the small road that leads to the path of the lock where we find the GR38.

GR 38: White and Red.
(10) Turn left on this small road, pass the information panel and fountain to return to the car park from the start on the right.

Waypoints :
D/A : km 0 - alt. 71 m
1 : km 1.43 - alt. 71 m - Fork at the bridge
2 : km 3.39 - alt. 127 m - Sign for Pont Saint Eloi to the left
3 : km 5.14 - alt. 123 m - Turn right
4 : km 5.54 - alt. 121 m - Marker post, path to the left
5 : km 6.22 - alt. 124 m - Marker post, turn left
6 : km 7.24 - alt. 92 m - Entry into the Arboretum on the left - Odet
7 : km 7.76 - alt. 90 m - Exit the Arboretum, dead end opposite
8 : km 8.47 - alt. 119 m - On the left, leaving the Yellow-marked PR
9 : km 9.08 - alt. 113 m - On the right, head down to the houses
10 : km 9.34 - alt. 70 m - Turn left, GR38
D/A : km 10 - alt. 71 m

Useful Information

This circuit juggles several sections with overlapping markings: GR38, PR Yellow markings, Mountain bike 9, 10, 12
Walking shoes are recommended for the wooded parts

In winter, depending on rainfall, the first part of the trail along the river can be very wet or submerged.
In this case, you can leave from left of the car park and follow the path overlooking the old millstream (not visible on the IGN map).

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

During the walk or to do/see around

Kerho Arboretum : Made in 2000, the Kerho Arboretum is located in the upper part of the town near Lestonan and Stang-Luzigou, preserved area for any future urbanisation and located on the slopes of Kerho.

Stang-Luzigou woods: In the 28 hectaresof departmental woods, you can stroll along the canal that once fed the "paper cylinder manufacturing site" now "Bolloré Technologies”.
The paths and picnic areas invite you to enjoy the charms of this site.

The GPS track and description are the property of the author.