Around Juliénas in Beaujolais

A hike in Beaujolais through vineyards and forests, starting from Juliénas near Belleville. This hike can be shortened or lengthened (see description).

Technical sheet
No. 4098807
A Juliénas walk posted on 03/04/16 by LB_Neil. Update : 20/01/18
Calculated time Calculated time: 6h45[?]
Distance Distance : 18.06km
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 547m
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 552m
Highest point Highest point : 564m
Lowest point Lowest point : 228m
Moderate Difficulty : Moderate
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Areas Areas : Massif central, Beaujolais
Location Location : Juliénas (69840)
Starting point Starting point : N 46.234983° / E 4.710341°
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(S/F) From the car park of the Juliénas post office. Take the direction of the churches (between the old on, transformed into a vault in 1954, and the new one built in 1868). At the sign marked Les Gonnards, turn left in the direction of La Bottière then left again towards Les Capitans and Les Mouilles. In the hamlet of Les Capitans take the dead end road opposite.

(1) At the end of the paved road, take the left path towards Les Mouilles. At the next junction, turn right towards Mont de Bessay (the spelling used on the signs, the spelling on the IGN map is Mont de Besset).

(2) Arrive on a small road and take it left towards Les Mouilles.

(3) The water tower, turn right towards Mont Bessay (a good climb). On arriving at the antenna, head around it to the right and turn left, still in the direction of Mont de Bessay. The path continues along a sustained incline. Nevertheless do not go to the summit, but at the edge of the forest, where (weather permitting) we will have a view of Saint-Vérand, where Beaujolais gives way to the Mâconnais.

(4) A the Broussaud cross (which is not very visible in the vegetation), four diverging paths (including the one by which we came). Make a left hairpin bend towards Haute Combe. Now the path heads downhill.

(5) At Haut Combe, at the first house, turn right towards the La Combe Vineuse and Les Déburnays (the sign is a little faded). The path leads to a paved road, cross it to take the path that follows it below and cuts the corner (there are two paths in this case, the one closest to the road is the most comfortable). Arrive at Deburnays and the easiest way is to turn right and then immediately left to cross towards Les Ravinets and La Fargette.

(6) Just after Les Ravinets, take the left path to Mount Fétraud on a well-marked route up to the summit. Head down to cross the small Cotoyon stream from which begins the ascent. The signs here read En Vaine but also Mont Fétraud. Turn left, then take the path that climbs up to the right. A forest road cuts the path further up, cross straight over it.

(7) The slope steepens and leads to a clearing, new crossroads of several hiking trails. This isn’t Mont Fétraud yet, it is off on the left, but the bulk of the climb is behind you. After passing Mount Fétraud, the path descends and leads to a hairpin bend of the D137.

(8) Take the road to the left and then the path to the right in the forest a few metres further on. This is not too overgrown, allowing a glimpse of the valley on the left. Further on, the landscape emerges. Continue up a small road.

(9) Turn right at the house, after which you turn left. At the next crossroads of paths, go straight. The path then runs at a tangent to the curve of a small road, it continues on the left. Take another left at the next intersection then turn right into the descent. The path continues down straight to a house. Take in front of it the small road that ends at the "Trêve".

(10) At Le Trêve take the right path along the vineyard overlooking the Cotoyon stream. On the other side, we see the castle of Julienas. Further on the marked path turns left and then right onto the road to La Prat.

(11) At La Prat, if you like, you can go directly to Juliénas. The hike as described takes you up onto Combe Rémond to see Juliénas from another angle. We take the opportunity to pass the cooperative wine producer’s cellar...
If we choose the latter one, then turn right, then in the village right twice and then left towards Les Berthets. We can go around the chapel Small adjoining castle. At the south-west corner of the park is a monument to the memory of André Michon, FFI resistance soldier murdered there 15 August 1944. At Les Berthets go straight to the D17, which runs along the river Menderson.

(12) Cross it at the bridge opposite and go straight into the bend, take the path on the left. Take on the left the bridge that crosses La Mauvaise and back up to the other side until the D 26. The turn left and after 50 metres, turn right uphill on the path towards Combe Rémond. A good climb. The path does not require you to go via the house called "Combe Remond." Follow the direction for Bois Retour on the marked path (there is a path down to the left, we have not tested).

(13) At the next intersection, a trail marked “La Deshane" leads up to a viewpoint at an elevation of 515 metres. If you don’t want to go up, and keep the walk to 18 km, turn left in the direction of Roche Perrier.

(14) The water tower, head down to the left. Further on, it is possible to cut the curve of the road by a very well defined and predictable path to reach the D68 at Les Brureaux.

(15). Take the road to the left and then immediately head onto the path on the right. At the corner of the next house, turn left. The path descends to a bridge that goes back across the Mauvaise and then up to D17. Head opposite and cross the D17E to return to, after the left turn, the path followed upon departure. The car park of the post office is a little further on (S/F).

Waypoints :
D/A : km 0 - alt. 267m
1 : km 1.32 - alt. 301m - Take left path towards Les Mouilles
2 : km 1.9 - alt. 351m - Small road, turn left towards Les Mouilles
3 : km 2.13 - alt. 370m - Water tower, turn right towards Mont Bessay
4 : km 3.74 - alt. 448m - Croix de Broussaud. Turn left in a hairpin
5 : km 4.11 - alt. 424m - Haute Combe. Turn right
6 : km 5.91 - alt. 420m - Turn left towards Mount Fétraud
7 : km 7.93 - alt. 563m - Mont Fetraud. To the left
8 : km 8.58 - alt. 509m - Turn left on the road, and then immediately right
9 : km 9.8 - alt. 409m - At the road, turn right
10 : km 11.1 - alt. 285m - At Le Trêve turn right along the vines
11 : km 11.8 - alt. 253m - La Prat. Choice of directly returning or continuin
12 : km 13.12 - alt. 257m - At Daras, cross the bridge over the Merdenson
13 : km 15.2 - alt. 401m - Junction, turn left
14 : km 15.74 - alt. 384m - The water tower is on the left
15 : km 16.4 - alt. 289m - Turn left on the road, and then immediately right
D/A : km 18.06 - alt. 267m

Useful Information

The paths are well marked and good quality throughout this hike through vineyards and forests. As always in Beaujolais, we go up and down hills, which ends up making a significant total change in altitude (the total change in altitude measured in the field at the altimeter is 630 metres

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

During the walk or to do/see around

Many wine cellars with tastings in Julienas. Besides the wine cooperative, you can visit the tomb of the old church. Juliénas is a robust wine for a Beaujolais, and can even be aged for a while.
Also see the new church (new since 1868) and the castle of Juliénas.
Hiking through a landscape of vineyards, including beautiful bunches of grapes in summer and red leaves in autumn.

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