What happens once I have asked for my walk to be published?

Publishing a walk on Visorando is carried out in 3 stages: pre-publishing, mid-publishing and publishing. Each stage is carried out by a different moderator.

Once you have asked for your walk to be published, it will be added to our list of walks for pre-publishing and one of our moderators will read it. If they judge it necessary, they may make a few quick changes or get in touch with you via a private message on the Visorando website to improve some points.

If there are major corrections to be made or if you do not answer the moderator’s messages, the moderator may turn down the hike. A hike is never permanently turned down, however, and you can always submit it again once it has been improved. It is mainly a way for us to avoid having too many pending walks which could create confusion.

Once this first stage has been completed, the moderator will validate it, and a second moderator will then continue with the mid-publishing. This usually just involves a simple read-through of the text, which can be relatively quick.

Following this, there will be the final publishing of the walk by a third moderator. As soon as your walk has been published, an email will be automatically sent to you. Your walk will now be published on the Visorando website, our network of partner sites, and on the mobile phone application.

These 3 steps take some time. Please allow around two weeks on average.

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