Procedure for my walk to be published

For your walk to be published, you will need to do the following things:

  1. Plot out your route using our walking route planner or import a GPS track / GPX file or record your route with the Visorando mobile app.
  2. Open the walk sheet editing form on the walk sheet concerned using the 'Actions'/'Edit description' tab
  3. Complete all the required fields. You will need to describe your route in detail. The sections for useful information and what there is to see and do in the surrounding area are not obligatory but are also highly recommended to make your walk more interesting. Remember to add waypoints. Please view our recommendations for more information or click on the link here which gives you access to an example of the walk we a selecting. This document includes information to guide you in the process. 
  4. Save your information using the 'Save' tab at the bottom of the page.
  5. Re-read what you have written on the walk sheet.
  6. Request for your walk to be published by clicking on: "This walk is ready, I would like to send it to the moderators to be published.” 
  7. Please read the confirmation message: it may be that your walk is incomplete and that some information needs to be added.


We recommend you save your walk regularly to avoid losing data. You can always return to a walk that you have already started, so you can write it in several stages.

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