General recommendations for a walk to be published

Above all, please read some existing walk sheets to understand these recommendations or click on the link here which gives you access to an example with some add-on information to guide you. 

The guidance below is a summary of our recommendations. Please do not hesitate to seek advice from a moderator or the forum.

  • Ensure you are the author of the information you enter or have the author’s explicit permission to publish on the Visorando website.
  • If you are writing the description of the walk, you must have been on this walk yourself.
  • Plot out the route on the map as accurately as possible or use a GPS track.
  • Choose an original title related to the walk
  • Your introduction should consist of a few sentences that will make the reader want to go on the walk.
  • The description should indicate the directions to follow, changes in direction, and any landmarks.
  • For better clarity and consistency, put the numbers of the waypoints at the start of each paragraph.
  • Choose a clear and readable style, and use it throughout the description.
  • Add any practical details in the Useful Information section (equipment, water, restrictions, etc.)
  • Explain what there is to see in the surrounding area in the final section: “During the walk or to do/see around.”

To improve your walk further, we also recommend you read our detailed recommendations for publishing a walk.

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