Tour of Lake Paladru

A day's walk, quite lovely and varied. You start by going through the Grand Platon Forest, then going along the south-east bank of the lake with beautiful views over the lake. You change banks and go along the Feydelière and Véronnière marshes ('Marais' - protected sites). The return is via the north-west bank of the lake with beautiful views over Chartreuse and, if the weather is clear, Mont Blanc.

Technical sheet
No. 4098409
A Charavines walk posted on 18/03/16 by MPrice. Update : 26/04/18
Calculated time Calculated time: 6h25[?]
Distance Distance : 17.88km
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 449m
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 447m
Highest point Highest point : 670m
Lowest point Lowest point : 495m
Moderate Difficulty : Moderate
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Area Area : Dauphiné
Location Location : Charavines (38850)
Starting point Starting point : N 45.433051° / E 5.516424°
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Paladru lake


(D/A) Start at the Charavines Tourist Office and take Rue des Vannes to the east. You pass a stream. At the end, you take the right onto Rue des Arondières. When it becomes Route de Louisas (sign), you follow the stony path which climbs steadily opposite you.

(1) You will arrive at a crossroads. On the IGN maps, there are only two paths, but on the ground there are three. Take the left and continue to climb, after a short while the path levels out before going back downhill. Before that, ignore the path heading off on the right.

You come out of the woods and begin to get beautiful views over the lake. The path changes into a small badly-tarmacked road which goes downhill to meet a bigger road called Route de Charavines. At the stop sign, turn right (into the hamlet of Petit Bilieu). Coming out of the hamlet, be careful to walk on the left-hand side of the road because the pavement runs out shortly.

(2) Choose the first road on the left called Chemin du David. At the following fork, you go down the right branch called Route de Grand Pré. At the next fork, turn left and you will go around a wide bend to the right before climbing steadily again. In the hamlet of Charamel, take Chemin de la Jacquinière on the left and follow it to the end.

(3) Take the 'montée de Combe Faure' opposite you. At the first path, turn left.

(4) After a small bend to the left, you will see a field on your left. You need to be vigilant here! The path you need to take is practically invisible. At the top of the field, there is a hedge made from shrubs. If you look closely along this hedge, you can see that there are slight traces of tracks. Go ahead! At the end of a small field, the path turns into a poorly-marked path which heads into the forests.

You end up on a wide path. Continue straight ahead opposite. At the next fork, take the branch on the right. You will quickly arrive at a stop sign where you turn right.

(5) Take a path on the left with the sign 'le Vernay'. On arriving at a fork, turn to the left and ignore the small road which appears on the right.

(6) You will reach a stop sign, turn right and continue on until you reach the D90.

(7) Cross the D90 and head to the right. There is a section reserved for pedestrians and cyclists. A bit further on, you will find the marsh (Marais) nature trail on your left. Take the nature trail. All along this path, you can follow the educational signs which describe the life, flora and fauna of the marshes to you, along with artistically decorated benches.
After the car park, turn left onto Rue du Petit Port and go past the tennis courts. Your road bends to the right.

(8) Arriving on the D50, turn left (a bit further on, there are picnic tables and games for children). Go along the D50 until you reach a roundabout and follow a small road on the right. Looking in a straight line ahead, when you see a large house on the right, take the dirt path which climbs to the left.

You will cross the small road again which you have just left. You carry on opposite (the path runs along the gable of a building). After a little while, you will end up on a small road. You go straight on.

(9) You will reach a priority marker. On your left, there is a sign for 'La Montagne'. Go towards the left in the direction of 'Le Bandoux'. Follow the small road until you reach a fork in the road with a grove in the middle. Take the branch on the right (Chemin de la Pierre qui Danse). Further on, ignore the path with a speed bump heading off on the left towards a farm. At the next branch, turn right.

(10) At a sort of small pass, you end up on the GR65. Take the left and follow it to the village of 'Le Pin' (GR waymarking = Red and White + Yellow Shell on a Blue background). In the hamlet of 'Le Brandoux', carry on to the left in the direction of 'Les Allex' until you reach another junction.

(11) Turn onto the dirt path on the right and carry on until you reach a junction with a small wood between the two branches of the paths. Go to the right. You will arrive at a small road, turn right again.

(12) At the next junction, you will see a sign for 'Les Allex' and a fountain. Go downhill to the left in the direction of 'Le Pin'. Follow the only road which heads off to the right. On arriving at Rue de la Caserne, turn left. On your right you will see the small Etang des Palles (Palles lake). Carry on up to the stop sign.

(13) At the stop sign, turn left. Further along, take the first road on the right. 20m after having turned onto the road, you will see the sign for 'Le Gibet' in the direction of 'OT Charavines'. Follow in this direction. You will reach the D17.

(14) At the sign which says 'Les fougères', take the path opposite which heads in the direction of Charavines. Cut off the D50 to join Rue des Bains. You then return to the Charavines Tourist Office (D/A).

Waypoints :
D/A : km 0 - alt. 498m
1 : km 1.12 - alt. 596m - Take the path on the left.
2 : km 3.23 - alt. 534m - Turn left.
3 : km 4.58 - alt. 581m - Continue opposite and climb 'Combe Faure'.
4 : km 5.09 - alt. 616m - Hidden path, heading off to the left.
5 : km 5.67 - alt. 589m - Sign for Le Vernay - the path opposite.
6 : km 6.33 - alt. 515m - Veronnière stop sign.
7 : km 6.99 - alt. 497m - Right at the D90.
8 : km 8.74 - alt. 502m - Left at the D50.
9 : km 10.45 - alt. 639m - Sign 'La Montagne'.
10 : km 11.6 - alt. 667m - Left at the GR65.
11 : km 12.67 - alt. 597m - Take the dirt path to the right.
12 : km 13.76 - alt. 548m - Sign for 'Les Allex'.
13 : km 14.76 - alt. 524m - Le Pin - at the stop sign, turn left.
14 : km 15.81 - alt. 523m - Sign for 'Les fougères' - take the path opposite.
D/A : km 17.88 - alt. 498m

Useful Information

You can park your vehicle near the tourist office which is located near the beach in Charavines at the end of Rue des Bains. At peak times, it could be a bit difficult to park, but otherwise there is space.

In Charavines, there is a small supermarket at the crossroads with the D90 and Rue des Bains.

There is a fountain in 'Les Allex'.

In Paladru, you can use the picnic tables and the games for children.

There aren't any technically difficult sections on this hike, just the distance and two good lakeshores.

The south-east bank of the lake in the district of Bilieu is quite urbanised. Therefore, in this section you walk on tarmac through the houses. Other than that, we've tried to find stony or grassy paths for the hike.

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

During the walk or to do/see around

The marshes (Marais) nature trail before you get to Paladru at the north-west end of the lake.

There is a delightful museum in Charavines. Small in size, but very well done, it exhibits objects (found at the bottom of the lake) from prehistoric times and the Middle Ages in an educational way.
Recommended for children between 10 and 13 years old. Entry price is 4 Euros for adults and free for children (April 2016).

Charavines Tourist Office website:

General information on Lake Paladru:

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