The Pointe de Plougrescant

The Pointe de Plougrescant is recognised around the world due to Castel-Meur: the house between the rocks. The hike starts at Saint-Gonery Chapel, equally famous for its crooked lead bell tower. The hike continues via the Baie de l'Enfer where you can admire the Jaudy estuary, then on to Pointe du Château - the most northerly point of this route - to see Castel Meur (private property) and finally to discover the gulf before returning to the departure point along the west coast of the point.

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Calculated time Calculated time: 4h05 ?
Distance Distance : 13.46 km
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 71 m
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 74 m
Highest point Highest point : 56 m
Lowest point Lowest point : 1 m
Moderate Difficulty : Moderate
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Location Location : Plougrescant (22820)
Starting point Starting point : N 48.84244° / W 3.228859°
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Park in front of the Town Hall in Plougrescant.

(D/A) Head southwards on Rue Hent Zant Gonery. In order to be able to admire the small chapel from all sides, take the first road on the left and then the first right. By following it, you will return back to the road you left on. A special feature of this chapel is its lead bell tower which leans heavily.

After going around the chapel, turn into the first road on the left: Quelen hent an Ivern. Continue straight ahead on this road. At the crossroads with a wayside cross, you can take the path on the right which goes alongside the road. When it re-joins the road, continue along the road, going past the place called 'l'Enfer' on the left.

GR 34: Waymarking in White and Red

(1) Take the path coastal path (GR® 34) on the left. It turns into a tarmacked road before arriving in an oyster area. Take the left and then the first road on the right.

(2) Leave the tarmacked road and take the coastal path (GR® 34) on the right. You will reach the place called 'an Hinkin'. Continue along the path on the right.

No Waymarking

(3) As indicated on the sign, you are strongly discouraged from continuing straight ahead at high tide. Take the path on the left uphill then, when on the road, turn right and then right again after 200 metres.

GR 34: Waymarking in White and Red

(4) A bit further on, you will join the coastal path again. It leads to a place called 'Crec'h Bleïz'. Branch off to the right and head in the direction of 'Hent Pors Hir' beach.

(5) Before a bend to the left, take the path on the right in order to go, as close as possible, along the shore. When the path re-joins the road, take the right about 20 metres further on.

(6) This is the 'Pointe du Château'. Going off the planned route - you can access the far end of the point by taking the right here. Continue along the coastal path. After going alongside a small building (public toilets), on the other side of the body of water, on the right, you will see: Castel Meur - a small house built between two large rocks so as to be sheltered from the winds.

(7) Going off the planned route - on arriving at the road and turning right, you can go and admire the Gulf: spectacular waves and splashes at high tide.
Take the road on the left and then the path on the right.

(8) Continue on the right along the coastal path (GR® 34). At a fork, turn right.

Without waymarking

(9) Second dangerous section at high tide. You are, therefore, advised to continue straight on at the crossroads and to take the first road on the right.

GR 34: Waymarking in White and Red

(10) Back on the coastal path, continue ahead until you reach 'Porz Scaff'. Take the road on the right called 'Rojo Wenn Hent Pors Scaff'.

(11) The GR® 34 continues on a path on the right. Stay on the road heading due south. Turn left and at the fork, turn right. You will see a standing stone on the right.
Follow the first road on the left and then turn right. At the end of the road, turn left and carry on until you reach a roundabout. Turn right.

Without waymarking

(12) Turn left in the direction of Roudour, then continue on by taking the first road on the right.

(13) Take the road on the left and follow it to the end. Take a left, then a right after 20 metres and continue along this road which then turns into Rue Kerilis.
You will arrive in front of the cemetery, turn left towards the church.

(14) Before the church, turn left and then take the first road on the right called Rue Skol. After a bend to the right, turn left onto the main road and head back towards the car park at the Town Hall (D/A).

Waypoints :
D/A : km 0 - alt. 49 m
1 : km 1.39 - alt. 9 m - After 'l'Enfer', coastal path on the left.
2 : km 3.48 - alt. 5 m - After the oyster area, path on the right.
3 : km 4.11 - alt. 3 m - At high tide, path on the left.
4 : km 4.63 - alt. 4 m - On the left, you re-join the GR 34.
5 : km 6.03 - alt. 3 m - Path on the right.
6 : km 6.55 - alt. 9 m - Access possible to Pointe du Château.
7 : km 7.38 - alt. 1 m - Access possible to the Gulf.
8 : km 7.68 - alt. 4 m - Coastal path on the right.
9 : km 8.74 - alt. 8 m - At high tide, straight on at the crossroads.
10 : km 9.44 - alt. 4 m - You re-join the GR 34.
11 : km 10.24 - alt. 2 m - Leave the GR 34 by staying on the road.
12 : km 11.42 - alt. 17 m - Turn left towards Roudour.
13 : km 11.68 - alt. 18 m - Take the road on the left.
14 : km 13.11 - alt. 51 m - Before the church, take the road on the left.
D/A : km 13.46 - alt. 49 m

Useful Information

From points (1) to (11) our hike follows the GR® 34 (waymarking in Red and White). Note the difference with the map between points (1) and (2) for the route.
In contrast, between points (3) and (4) and then between points (9) and (10), we recommend detours because certain sections are dangerous and are often flooded after the tides.

This hike could be combined with the hike "Around the Yellow Rock" published on Hikeideas, the two loops meet up at the bridge over the Lizildry stream (point (1) of this hike and point (5) of the other hike. Allowing for a total of 25 km and around 8 hours of walking, we have rated the whole hike as "Difficult".

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

During the walk or to do/see around

(D) The Saint-Gonery Chapel:

(6) Pointe du Château

(7) Castel Meur and the Gulf:

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Absolutely fantastic circular walk. Great instuctions. Lots of beautiful beaches. The house between the rocks was amazing!! Just the perfect walk in North Brittany. 😀

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