Spectacular scenic views of Baux-de-Provence

A short hike around Baux-de-Provence, mostly on good trails. There is a short climb down a well-maintained rocky path. 360° views at the viewpoint (or what remains of it). The Baux cover "every angle" with many panoramic views. Return via the village with the option to pay it a visit.

Technical sheet

A Les Baux-de-Provence walk posted on 22/09/15 by LB_Neil. Last update : 21/06/18
  • Walking
    Activity: Walking
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    Distance: 5.34 km
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    Calculated time: 2h00 
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    Difficulty: Moderate

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    Return to departure point: Yes
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    Vertical gain: + 152 m
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    Vertical drop: - 148 m

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    Highest point: 275 m
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    Lowest point: 130 m
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    Area: Alpilles
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    District: Les Baux-de-Provence (13520)
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    Start/End: N 43.749169° / E 4.796452°
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    IGN map(s): Ref. 3042OT, 3043OT

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Access: A car park at the Lumières Quarry on the D27.

PR (Yellow) markings

(S) No matter which car park you have found a space in, the start of the hike is opposite the entrance to the Lumières quarry site. Take the road (D27) to the left, ignore a small road off to the left, continue as far as the "DFCI" track on the right (No. AL215) heading onwards after crossing a fence. Stay on this track until the first crossroads.

No markings

(1) Take the track that climbs up to the right. About 200 m further on, leave the track to take another track to the left. Further on, after a steady climb, pass by a trail to the right and continue as far as another trail that is part of the GR6 route (there is a DFCI tank to the left on the edge of the path).

(2) Rather than follow the GR6 to the left, take a small path opposite (for the best views) along a track of the GR until it climbs up to the point where the orientation table was. Climb to the top of the promontory for a 360° view. Head down to the left (overlooking the village of Les Baux) along a fairly steep path to reach the currently paved track.

GR markings (White and Red)

(3) Turn right and go down the paved trail. Note in passing the rocks carved by erosion and again a beautiful view of the Baux. In turn, the GR6 follows a straight path. Stay on track reach the D27 road, near a pass.

No markings

(4) Turn left. At the pass, the road between two rock walls (caution, there is very little space for pedestrians). Immediately after, take a track to the right (on the corner there is a ruined cabin against the rock), pass through a barrier and continue on this track, ignoring paths leading off to the right. Pass by a ruin, keeping it on your left hand-side (the remains of a tower protecting the castle of Les Baux,) and continue on a path through the scrubland. It approaches the cliff. At this stage, be very careful because the maintained rocky path is not visible from the footpath.

(5) When it heads off to the right in a curve, go towards the cliff. An almost cubic cut in the rock indicates the beginning to the rocky steps (see picture “rocky steps seen from above"). Head down with the help of the bars set in the rock and continue on a path lined with small Kermes oak trees (careful, they have spines). It will take you to a large rock plateau as you go down, in sight, to reach a small road below.

Continue to the left. Continue alongside the homes, ignore a path headed to the right and enter the "lower village" of Les Baux. On the left you will see a spring (you are in the La Font valley) and, on the right, a washhouse fed by the spring. Continue straight ahead, cross a small road (D78g)

(6) Continue on a street opposite that leads to the road above (D27). Turn left and, a few metres further on, take the stairs to go up to the village (sign for "Village"). Arrive at a plaza, continue via the stairs to the right, through a door (called “Porte Eyguières”) and enter the village. After taking the time visit the village (optional), head out of the village by the main entrance at the other end overlooking the car park. Go to the end of this car park ignoring the entrance to the upper car park on the right.

Head down the stairs that lead to a turn in the D27A road below. Continue straight ahead, ignore the road heading left towards Maussane and continue on the one towards Maillane. It leads you straight to the site of the "Carrières de Lumières" and the car park.


  1. S/E : km 0 - alt. 178 m
  2. 1 : km 0.65 - alt. 242 m - Turn right on the track
  3. 2 : km 1.41 - alt. 264 m - Continue straight ahead on a path along the GR
  4. 3 : km 2.09 - alt. 254 m - Return to the paved path and turn left
  5. 4 : km 2.54 - alt. 227 m - Route D27
  6. 5 : km 3.66 - alt. 186 m - Maintained rocky steps
  7. 6 : km 4.19 - alt. 132 m - Continue opposite - Le Baux de Provence
  8. S/E : km 5.34 - alt. 179 m

Useful Information

Please note that this walk involves a very steep descent at the end and a climb down a vertical ladder.

DFCI: Défense de la Forêt contre les Incendies (forest fire prevention service). Track used by firefighters in case of fire. In the Alpilles, as in other massifs of the area (Luberon, the Vaucluse mountains...), these tracks are numbered (AL111 for Alpilles, LU111 in Luberon, MV111 for the Vaucluse mountains...). I say this because, in the Alpilles, "AL215" is sometimes misunderstood as being the altitude!

Always stay careful and alert while following a route. Visorando and the author of this walk cannot be held responsible in the event of an accident during this route.

During the walk or to do/see around

The spring and washhouse of the Font valley.
At point (6), take a little detour to the left for a few metres to see a small garden. In the right-hand corner of the garden, notice a small pavilion called "Pavillon de la Reine Jeanne”. Frédéric Mistral commissioned a replica of it for his tomb in Maillane.
Visit the village of Les Baux-de-Provence.
The Carrières de Lumières quarry (there is an entry fee)

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Clarity of route description
5 / 5
Clarity of route map
5 / 5
Walk interest
5 / 5
le Mon 29 May 2023 15:00:37 EDT

Overall rating: 5 / 5

Date of walk: 29/05/23
Clarity of route description: ★★★★★ Very good
Clarity of route map: ★★★★★ Very good
Walk interest: ★★★★★ Very good

This was indeed a walk with many spectacular views. The route description was clear, but without the route map on the app, showing our real-time exact location in relation to the trail, it would have been difficult to follow even with the great written directions. Very glad we found Visarondo!

le Sun 22 Aug 2021 17:08:52 EDT

Overall rating: 5 / 5

Date of walk: 21/08/21
Clarity of route description: ★★★★★ Very good
Clarity of route map: ★★★★★ Very good
Walk interest: ★★★★★ Very good

Lovely walk in the hills around Les Baux De Provence. Great views, not too hot even in the midday sun in August. GPX file with MapOut application made following very simple.

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