Lac Chambon - Murol

A circuit that forms a figure of 8 around Lac Chambon, with panoramic views of the lake and the Sancy range, the Valley of Chaudefour and a section through Murol via its castle.

Technical sheet

A Chambon-sur-Lac walk posted on 21/06/15 by LB_Neil. Last update : 22/03/19
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    Activity: Walking
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    Distance: 11.78 km
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    Calculated time: 4h15 
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    Difficulty: Moderate

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    Return to departure point: Yes
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    Vertical gain: + 321 m
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    Vertical drop: - 317 m

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    Highest point: 1,065 m
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    Lowest point: 833 m


Start at the car park at the west beach of Lake Chambon

(1) Head along the West Beach and the lake closest to the south via a well laid out trail. Continue to the ‘’Plage Est'' and resume along the lake to the road.

(2) Cross the road and take the stairs (in the direction of La Dent du Marais). From this point you will be on the GR30 (follow the Red and White markings to Murol’s castle). To do this, go straight on a paved road and continue straight on the road when it turns left.
Follow this path keeping right (three forks over 100 m) then continue up (eastbound) for about 500 m before the route turns left headed due north.

(3) At this point (Rocker de l’Horloge) enjoy the view. After 200 m the path is located above the ledge from which you can admire the lake, the Dent du Marais and a wide view of the Sancy. Continue keeping to the right when it deviates from a wider path. It leads to the D5; cross it to reach the car park of Murol’s car park below. Enthusiasts will enjoy visiting the castle.

(4) Down to the village of Murol by Rue du Château. In passing, on left at the gate of Prélong park you are invited to explore the space occupied by very large trees of many varieties (with information panels) including monstrous redwoods.
Reach the end of the park, leaving by the gate which leads to the road and back to the village.
Cross the bridge over the Couze Pavin and continue right through Rue George Sand. After 200 m, take the stairs on the left. Cross the road and continues uphill following the trail (a demanding section that we will take in reverse).

After 500 m, climb towards the summit of Tartaret (5) with a view of the lake and the Sancy opposite with the Dent du Marais on the right. Retrace your steps downhill for about 150 m to then take a wide path to the right that continues to a monumental stone (6) that you pass by on your right onto the road down to the lake.
You reach the lake on its east beach to return to the part of the route already taken leading to the road along the lake.

(7) This time you follow (for 500 m) the lake to return to the starting point.
Here, you will have travelled 12 km without much difficulty; the climbs are steady or equipped with stairs. Expect to be walking for 3 to 4 hours depending on your pace.


  1. S/E : km 0 - alt. 878 m - Lac Chambon
  2. 1 : km 3.04 - alt. 879 m
  3. 2 : km 4.5 - alt. 1,001 m - Rocher de l'Horloge
  4. 3 : km 6.94 - alt. 887 m - Chateau de Murol
  5. 4 : km 9.25 - alt. 941 m - Le Tartaret
  6. 5 : km 9.77 - alt. 906 m - Commemorative stone
  7. S/E : km 11.78 - alt. 877 m - Lac Chambon

Useful Information

12 km without much difficulty; the climbs are progressive or equipped with stairs.

Always stay careful and alert while following a route. Visorando and the author of this walk cannot be held responsible in the event of an accident during this route.

During the walk or to do/see around

Nature trail exploring the ecosystem of Lake Chambon.
Visit Château de Murol.
Enjoy exploring the Prélong park in Murol.

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Overall rating: 4 / 5

Date of walk: 30/08/19
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Lovely walk, lakeside and high up above the lake. Interesting visit to Murol Castle.

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