Kingston Loop Via Hampton Court and Bushy Park

It’s sunny and you don’t want to stay home? Here is the perfect walk for you: a loop around Kingston-Upon-Thames passing by Bushy Park for deer sighting and Hampton Court Palace for a history class.

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A Richmond upon Thames walk posted on 22/02/23 by The Flamingo Hiker. Last update : 15/03/23
Calculated time Calculated time: 4h10[?]
Distance Distance : 14.56 km
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 9 m
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 9 m
Highest point Highest point : 21 m
Lowest point Lowest point : 4 m
Moderate Difficulty : Moderate
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Location Location : Richmond upon Thames
Starting point Starting point : N 51.412431° / W 0.300925°
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Deer in Bushy Park Diana Fountain in Bushy Park


Start: Kingston Station, Wood Street, Kingston, Greater London, (KT1 1UJ). Grid Ref. TQ 1821 6958

(D/A) We start the walk at Kingston Train Station. You step out of the station onto the square at the corner of the A308 and A307. Cross the A308 (Wood Street) on your right-hand side (South-West) to take Fife Road. Walk down Fife Road (around 200 m).

(1) At the end of the road, turn left (South) onto a pedestrian road, which is the continuation of Fife Road. When you reach the end of the pedestrian street, take right (West) onto Clarence Street. Continue straight (West) onto Clarence Street and you find Kingston Bridge at the end. Walk across the bridge. Stick to the left (South) hand-side when crossing the bridge.

Once on the other side of the bridge walk straight ahead (West) on the left side of the road and you get to a roundabout.

(2) Turn left (West) onto Hampton Court Road where you find a zebra crossing in front of the Wick Memorial Garden. Cross the road and turn left (South-West) onto Hampton Court Road (A308) for around 50m. Take the first street on your right (North-West) called Church Grove (B358) 90 m up the street, you find the entrance to a footpath on your left (West). Take the footpath and you are in Bushy Park.

(3) After 410 m, you arrive at a junction with footpaths going in different directions. Turn right (North-West). From there, you can take a variety of different footpaths.

It is a park walk so take your time to wander around. You don't have to stick exactly to the route, as long as you keep walking towards the North West so that you can see the maximum of the park.

Continue your walk in the North-West direction until you arrive at the Oval Plantation. Then turn left (South-West) to get to Heron Pond.

(4) Once at Heron Pond, turn right (North-East) and walk alongside the edge of the pond and find the bridge (around 310m).

(5) Cross over to the other side. Walk straight (North) for around 450m.

(6) After the Warren Plantation and before you get to the edge of the park, turn left (West). Walk straight (West) until you reach Chesnut Avenue after 650 m or so.

(7) Cross over Chestnut Avenue. On the other side, follow Cobbler's Walk in direction of the North West. The road is not signposted but you'll know you are on the correct one when after 110 m you find on your right (North) a cast iron gate with a lodge on each side of the gate. After another 340 m, you arrive at a car park.

(8) At the car park, the footpath deviates from the road and heads towards the North West. Continue on the footpath and not on the road for safety reasons: this road is in use. After 830 m you then arrive at the Canal Plantation.

(9) At the Canal Plantation, turn left (West) towards the Upper Pool and then left again (South) on the path alongside the Longford River. Stay on this path for 1.14 Km. The river bends towards the left (East) and ends at the Waterhouse Pond.

The path follows the river flow and takes you to the Waterhouse Pond, easily recognisable with a lodge on the Southern bank. Walk ahead until you get to the corner of Waterhouse Pond and follow the footpath turning right (South East) alongside the pond. You are then on the side of the pond directly opposite the lodge. Walk down 70 m to the South East corner of the pond and you find a footpath on your left (East).

(10) Take this footpath. At the first intersection, take left (North) and then right (East). Follow this path. At the following intersection, take the footpath on your left (North East). Follow this path for 70 m and then turn right (East). Follow this path of 190 m.

(11) At the end of the path, you find a wooden gate. Push the gate and turn right (South). Go down this path alongside the wooden fence until you reach a bridge. Walk across the bridge and then turn left (South East) to walk alongside the waterway.

(12) When the waterway comes to an end, turn right (South West) and follow the footpath until you arrive at a road. Turn left (East) on the road and follow it until you reach the Diana Fountain in the middle of a roundabout. Turn right (South) on Chesnut Avenue, walk past the fountain and continue your walk towards the exit gate of the park.

(13) At the park gate, turn right (West) onto Hampton Court Road. At the crossroad with Campbell Road, Hampton Court Road bends towards the South West. Turn left (South-West) on Hampton Court Road and continue on this street until you arrive at Hampton Court Palace. Walk past the palace and a little bit further down you arrive at a bridge. Don't walk across the bridge

(14) Just before the bridge, there is a footpath on your left (South-East). Take this footpath, which is the Thames Path. Follow this route for 1.7 km or so heading towards the South-East. Then the path changes direction and goes up (North-East). Continue on the Thames Path towards the North East for more or less 2.8 Km.

(15) You are back at Kingston Bridge. Walk up to get to the bridge and then across the bridge this time on your right (East). Once on the opposite side, retrace your steps back to Kingston Station. Walk straight (East) on Clarence Street.

At the intersection with the pedestrian part of Fife Road, turn left (North) on the pedestrian walk. In the end (waypoint (1)), turn right (North East) onto Fife Road. You then arrive at the crossroad with the A308 (Wood Street). Cross Wood Street and you are back at the train station.

(D/A) Kingston Station, Wood Street, Kingston, Greater London, KT1 1UJ (Grid Ref. TQ 1821 6958)

Waypoints :
D/A : km 0 - alt. 12 m - Kingston Railway Station
1 : km 0.21 - alt. 20 m - Fife Road
2 : km 0.84 - alt. 11 m - Hampton Court Road
3 : km 1.42 - alt. 10 m - London Loop
4 : km 2.36 - alt. 10 m - Heron Pond
5 : km 2.75 - alt. 9 m - Bridge
6 : km 3.21 - alt. 10 m - Warren Plantation
7 : km 3.87 - alt. 14 m - Chestnut Avenue
8 : km 4.51 - alt. 16 m - Car park
9 : km 5.32 - alt. 15 m - Canal Plantation
10 : km 6.88 - alt. 19 m - Waterhouse Pond
11 : km 7.24 - alt. 16 m - Wooden gate
12 : km 7.94 - alt. 10 m - End of the waterway
13 : km 8.67 - alt. 14 m - Bushy Park Gate
14 : km 9.26 - alt. 8 m - Thames Path
15 : km 13.78 - alt. 10 m - Kingston Bridge
D/A : km 14.56 - alt. 12 m - Kingston Railway Station

Useful Information

Start/End: Kingston Station, Wood Street, Kingston, Greater London, (KT1 1UJ) Grid Ref. TQ 1821 6958

Local Transport

  • South Western Railway Train
  • Buses 65 and 671 to Kingston Station
  • Bicycle Storage facility available at Kingston Station
  • There is no car park facility at Kingston Station


  • Public toilets are available at Kingston Station and in Bushy Park
  • Plenty of options for food and drinks in Kingston town centre
  • A coffee shop and a kiosk are available in Bushy Park
  • Playground in Bushy Park

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

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