Hike around Bec-Hellouin

An easy hike around Bec-Hellouin, through forest and old monuments:
old houses, an abbey and a monastery.

Technical sheet
No. 215009
A Le Bec-Hellouin walk posted on 25/02/16 by randovrp. Update : 18/05/16
Calculated time Calculated time: 3h55[?]
Distance Distance : 12.94km
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 109m
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 115m
Highest point Highest point : 147m
Lowest point Lowest point : 50m
Average Difficulty : Average
Back to starting point Back to starting point : No
Walking Walking
Location Location : Le Bec-Hellouin (27800)
Starting point Starting point : N 49.231636° / E 0.721398°
Arrival Arrival : N 49.232196° / E 0.720229°
Map IGN Map (Click to buy) : Ref. 1912SB
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Start from the church, Guillaume le Conquérant Square.

(S/F) Head up the D39 and head left onto Rue Lanfranc leading to the abbey.

(1) Take a right onto Rue du Quartier Burcy.

(2) Head left along the green lane.

(3) Ignore the GR224 on the right and continue on the green lane.

(4) Turn left before the bridge. At the end of the lane head left onto "route de Saint-Martin du Parc" (D39) and at "Monastère Sainte-Françoise Romaine", take the uphill path to the right (not on the IGN map).

(5) Turn left onto a path on the edge of the woods, going along "la côte de Saint-Martin" continuing on the same path and ignoring the path heading up to the right.

(6) Ignore the path heading downhill on the left towards the old "Moulin du Cat", and head slightly to the right.
Ignore the paths to the right once more and keep going until the next junction.

(7) Keep going straight until "route du Bec", cross (carefully) and continue on the path opposite leading to Chemin du Péroir.

(8) Take a right onto Chemin du Péroir and at this "lieu-dit", head right onto Route des Granges then carry on to the left. Keep going on Route de la Mare Ribière leaving the path to the right.

(9) Turn onto the path on the left towards Butte aux Chiens.

(10) At the junction, take the path on the left leading to la Valette. Once at the road, head right towards "Rangée de Thierville".

(11) Before reaching "Rangée de Thierville", turn onto the path on the left leading to Saint-Nicolas. Continue onto Aptot trail (sentier D'Aptot) then take a right at Rue Saint-Nicolas.

(12) Turn left down a path, then cross Rue du Chanoine Porée and continue straight ahead.

(13) Turn left onto Rue Saint-Anselme (D39) reaching Petit Moulin then Guillaume le Conquérant Square (S/F).

Waypoints :
D : km 0 - alt. 64m
1 : km 0.29 - alt. 58m - Right, Rue du Quartier Burcy
2 : km 0.74 - alt. 66m - Turn right onto the green lane
3 : km 1.16 - alt. 70m - Leave the GR
4 : km 3.04 - alt. 59m - Go left before the bridge
5 : km 3.72 - alt. 80m - Left, path on the edge of the woods
6 : km 4.8 - alt. 80m - Go slightly right
7 : km 6.35 - alt. 133m - Straight ahead towards route du Bec
8 : km 6.65 - alt. 137m - Chemin du Péroir, go right
9 : km 7.63 - alt. 144m - Left, towards Butte aux Chiens
10 : km 8.69 - alt. 147m - Path on the left, leading to La Valette
11 : km 9.74 - alt. 136m - Left towards Saint-Nicolas
12 : km 10.97 - alt. 137m - Take the path on the left
13 : km 11.59 - alt. 58m - Left onto Rue Saint-Anselme (D39)
A : km 12.94 - alt. 59m

Useful Information

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During the walk or to do/see around

Abbaye Notre-Dame du Bec

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