Coodham Estate from Kilmarnock

This route first crosses Caprington Golf Course and then makes use of paved roads and paths to reach the 95 acre Coodham Estate just outside Symington. Take time to explore the Estate’s many interesting features and paths including the lake, mansion, shrine and graveyard, before starting the walk back to Kilmarnock via the high road past Stafflar Farm.

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A East Ayrshire walk posted on 13/06/22 by Gillian's Walks. Last update : 15/06/22
Calculated time Calculated time: 3h10[?]
Distance Distance : 10.20 km
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 91 m
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 88 m
Highest point Highest point : 103 m
Lowest point Lowest point : 32 m
Easy Difficulty : Easy
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Location Location : East Ayrshire
Starting point Starting point : N 55.583558° / W 4.510051°
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Coodham House


(D/A) Starting from Dewaldens Garden Centre & Cafe head North East (right if facing the building) to the far end of the car park.

(1) Turn left (North West) onto a lane which leads onto Caprington Golf Course. Cross the golf course carefully to a track between two hedgerows directly ahead of you.

(2) Immediately after passing a stone ruin turn onto a path on the left (South).

Initially narrow and muddy for a short section, the path then leads onto the golf course again where you turn right (South West) to pick up another path between two hedgerows.

After a short uphill section there is another crossing point on the golf course and beyond this, a track along a row of trees.

(3) At the end of the track go through the gate then turn left (South East) onto a minor road.

(4) After 600m turn right (South West) onto the Ayr Road / B7038. Take care – this road can be busy but you are not on it for long! Use the grass verge to follow the road along for approx 300 metres.

(5) You will pass a farm road on your right then immediately after that you come off the Ayr Road and veer right onto Spittal Hill Road – a much quieter single track road.

(6) After approx 1.3km this road ends abruptly and you follow the cycle path to the left out onto the pavement beside A77. Turn right (South West) and walk along the cycle path for a very short 100 metres – again take care here as traffic will be moving past at speed!

(7) After 100m turn right (West) through a gated entrance at a small cottage. You are now entering the Coodham Estate. You can either follow this track straight ahead to reach Coodham House (most direct route through the Estate and the one my map shows) or feel free to explore the many footpaths and points of interest inside the Estate, such as into the old cemetery and around the edge of the pond.

(8) On reaching Coodham House follow the pavement out the main driveway to a roundabout on B730.

(9) Continue straight on (South West) at the roundabout - the pavement leads you uphill onto the A77 flyover and down to another roundabout.

(10) At this second roundabout continue straight on (East) which takes you onto a single track road.

Walk along this road for 3km past several farms, across another A77 flyover and emerge at Ayr Road / B7038.

(11) Turn right (North East) onto Ayr Road – you are only on this road for a short 80 metres but take care walking along the grass verge.

At the first road on your left, cross over. Come off Ayr Road onto this minor road (4) and walk along for 600m to a gate on your right (3).

Turn right (North East) to go through the gate and retrace your steps across the golf course to return to Dewaldens Garden Centre & Cafe (D/A)

Waypoints :
D/A : km 0 - alt. 34 m - Dewaldens Garden Centre & Cafe
1 : km 0.07 - alt. 34 m - Lane leading to golf course
2 : km 0.45 - alt. 37 m - Stone ruin
3 : km 1.21 - alt. 52 m - Gate
4 : km 1.82 - alt. 46 m - Ayr Road / B7038
5 : km 2.19 - alt. 52 m - Spittal Hill Road - quiet single track road
6 : km 3.55 - alt. 86 m - Cycle path beside A77
7 : km 3.68 - alt. 86 m - Coodham Estate entrance at a small cottage
8 : km 4.22 - alt. 85 m - Coodham House
9 : km 4.71 - alt. 93 m - Roundabout
10 : km 5.34 - alt. 87 m - Roundabout
11 : km 8.3 - alt. 49 m - Ayr Road / B7038
D/A : km 10.2 - alt. 35 m - Dewaldens Garden Centre & Cafe

Useful Information

For more information, a walk review and option for extending the walk, visit Gillian's Walks

PLEASE AVOID USING THE CAR PARKS AT DEWALDENS GARDEN CENTRE/CAFE AND AT CAPRINGTON GOLF CLUB, EVEN IF PLANNING ON USING THE CAFE BEFORE/AFTER THE WALK. The cafe is always very busy with a quick turnover of customers and car park spaces should not be taken up by walkers who will be away for the length of time this walk takes. There is plenty of on-street parking available in nearby Shortlees or Caprington residential areas, a short walk from the start of the route. It is also easily accessible by public transport with bus stops on the Ayr Road.

A mix of grassy/muddy trails, and hard surfaces. A few short sections along busy roads to be aware of – see route info for details.

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

During the walk or to do/see around

  • Dewaldens Garden Centre & Cafe
  • Sprockets Cycles
  • Caprington Golf Course
  • Coodham Estate - Coodham House, lake, Fatima Shrine, ancient graveyard
  • Hayes Garden Centre & Cafe - just off route: turn right at the roundabout at (10)
  • Caprington Castle & Estate - near by

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on Mon 26 Sep 2022 12:39:08 CEST

Global average : 5 / 5

Date of walk : 26/09/22
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Excellent walk. Really interesting.

on Mon 01 Aug 2022 10:13:14 CEST

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Date of walk : 04/03/21
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Interesting short walk which is local to Kilmarnock

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