Visorando privacy policy

This section details our policy regarding your personal data on the Visorando website and mobile application, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations which come into force on 25/05/2018 throughout Europe.

This is our opportunity to be more transparent about the data we collect and what we do with it, in order to increase your confidence, hopefully.

In addition to this charter, please have a look at our information on cookies: click here.

Collecting information

Here is the detail of the information we collect when you use the Visorando website or the mobile application:

  • Personal and contact information: when you download a hiking transcript, we collect your email address and your choice regarding the reception of the newsletter. You can also complete a full subscription with Visorando, in which case we will also need a username and password. You are then free to complete your Visorando account by adding the following information: gender, place of residence, personal introduction and signature for the forum.
  • Advertising ID of your smartphone: when you use the Visorando mobile application, we use a unique advertising ID for each device. This identifier is recorded on our databases and linked to other data, particularly your Visorando account.
  • Hikes: we collect the hikes that you create, via our hiking software, or via the mobile application. You can choose to record your routes with the Visorando mobile application. This then accesses your position in the background, meaning even when your device is on standby. This access stops as soon as you finish the hike. This trace is then sent to our servers if you are identified on the mobile application. All trails and hikes created directly with our software can be supplemented with additional information: duration, difficulty, activity, title, description, practical information, proximity, waypoints, return to the starting point, multi-day trip. A hike is only accessible via our search engines when its author has requested so and has been verified by the moderators.
  • Reviews and messages: when you have downloaded a hike, you can leave a review. You can also leave messages in our discussion forums.
  • Private messaging: an interface allows messages to be exchanged between Visorando members. These messages remain private (visible only to the author and the recipient).
  • No payment information: when you subscribe to one of our services, you are redirected to a partner for payment. We do not store any of your banking data. It is this partner who processes the information in a secure environment and simply informs us whether the payment is valid or not.
  • Emails sent: we keep a history of all emails sent through Visorando (notifications, newsletters, contacts).
  • Data collected automatically: during your use of the website or the mobile application, we sometimes collect the following data: IP address and information on the device you are using and in general, browsing information (page views, duration ...), location (when searching for a hike). Cookies are also placed, by Visorando or third-party services. Find more information on this subject by clicking here.

Purposes of Processing

We only collect the data we need to:

  • Help you benefit from our services: whether free or fee-based, we need your personal information, or the unique identifier of your smartphone, to identify you on Visorando. This allows you to find your hikes after you log out of the website / mobile application for example, but also exchange with other users or personalize your account.
  • Associate your routes with existing hikes, identify your hiking partners and obtain attendance statistics: algorithms allow us to analyse your routes. When you have recorded a route with your GPS, we can link this route to an already existing hike on Visorando and let you know on your profile or by email. In addition, taking into account the time stamp contained in the routes, allows us to know which other Visorando users have hiked with you, as well as the visitation of a site. This allows us to offer you additional features, such as the social network.
  • Communicate with you as part of your use of Visorando: you will be notified by email in various cases: a private message received, opinion/comment on content to which you are linked (author or follow-up of a hike/photo /discussion topic), change of status of one of your contents (hiking, photo, message). In addition, we also send you emails related to your own activity on the website: validation of the subscription, password resent, status of your subscriptions, download of hiking trails and requests for advice, hike description.
  • Send you our newsletter: when you register, you choose whether or not to receive our weekly newsletter. This contains the list of the last selected hikes as well as a small account related to the hike. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link at the bottom of the email.
  • Moderate the website: we automatically and manually monitor the content that is published on Visorando in order to guarantee the quality of the information that is offered. This includes making it easier to detect spam.
  • Ensure that emails arrive correctly: we record the opening of emails sent by Visorando . This allows us to see which emails interest you or not, which email addresses are active, and therefore send only what is strictly necessary. These practices make it possible to optimize the deliverability of emails (ensure that the email gets to you).
  • Display targeted advertisements: Visorando is partially financed by revenue from advertisements present only on the website. The use of your personal data allows us to optimize these advertisements. There is no advertisement using your personal data on the mobile application.
  • Measure performance and improve our tools and content: the use of your personal data in this context is only used to establish averages and overall statistics. This data is anonymous. On our Cookies page, we inform you in detail about these purposes and how you can adapt them to your own preferences.

Sharing of personal data with third parties

We share your personal data with the following entities :

  • With the police or a court, when a proper request has been made.
  • With professional third parties: as part of development projects related to the world of hiking, we transmit the files of the trails recorded with the mobile application to third parties. These files therefore contain your location information (only during a hike recording) and are pseudonymized before being transmitted.
  • Via cookies: to improve our services, but also to generate advertising revenue, third parties place cookies on Visorando and therefore have access to your browsing information on Visorando. More information on our page about cookies.

Except for the first case, we never communicate your email address to third parties without your explicit consent.

Data retention period

Visorando being a community website, the content (selected hikes, photos, messages, reviews) that you have explicitly made public on Visorando are kept without time limit, in accordance with our general conditions of use. This is to ensure the overall consistency of our tools.

The history of sent emails is kept for 1 year. This time period is necessary to ascertain the invalidity of an email address.

We keep your other personal data including unselected hikes for up to 3 years after your last activity on our tools and services. This period seems reasonable to us to serve you as well as possible, particularly in the event of a complaint about a paid service.

Regarding the data collected via third-party cookies, see specific information.

Access rights

You have the right to receive the personal data stored with us free of charge at any time.

To do so, please send us an email to enclosing a copy of your identity card. We will then verify that you are who you say you are before communicating the data.

Right to correction, deletion and portability of your data

If the details of your Visorando account, or your content, are not correct, you can modify them using the forms on our tools (My page / Modify my profile for example).

On this page for editing your profile, you can also choose whether or not to receive the newsletter and notifications.

For other cases, contact us by email at enclosing a copy of your identity card. You will then have an answer within the legal deadline of one month after your request.


The data is hosted on a server with a level of security linked to the sensitivity of the data. A few people may have access, in part or in full, as part of their normal mission: administrators and moderators.

The password you have chosen is encrypted before being stored on our databases. This means, that except for a considerable computing power, which with the current highest development it is impossible for us as for a third party, to find your password. However, it is your responsibility to change it regularly, not to use the same one on several tools, and not to communicate it to third parties to preserve its integrity.

When we transmit the trail files, we pseudonymize the data.

Beyond hosting security, we make every effort to preserve your data, especially during transmission. All data exchanges are, for example, encrypted.

Despite everything, in the event of a breach of the integrity of your data, and in accordance with the law, we will notify the incident to the CNIL and you will be notified within the legal deadlines. The partners concerned will also be notified. We will also take all necessary measures to prevent the incident from happening again.


By using our website and mobile application, you agree to all the provisions of this privacy policy and you agree that Visorando collects and processes your data in accordance with this privacy policy.

Data controller

Arnaud LECUS :


For any additional information or comments regarding this privacy policy, please contact us by email at