Vineyards, small villages and dovecotes around Château du Cayla

A hike between vineyards and hills which enables you to discover a gently undulating landscape where pretty small villages and lovely dovecotes, enhanced by their careful restoration, nestle. The Château-Musée du Cayla which is located on the walk could also provide amateur historians and literature buffs with a splendid cultural stopover, following in the footsteps of Maurice and Eugénie de Guérin, whose correspondence is still famous.

Technical sheet
No. 4098705
A Vieux (Tarn) walk posted on 23/03/16 by MPrice. Update : 03/12/18
Calculated time Calculated time: 4h45[?]
Distance Distance : 14.57km
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 218m
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 224m
Highest point Highest point : 278m
Lowest point Lowest point : 183m
Average Difficulty : Average
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Location Location : Vieux (Tarn) (81140)
Starting point Starting point : N 43.992753° / E 1.872743°
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Park on the roadside of the D1 on the way into Vieux (many parking spaces available).

PR Yellow Waymarking

(D/A) Head towards the village centre and the church. Once you've gone past the church, turn right onto the small tarmacked road and go alongside the cemetery, continue on until you reach the houses in le Chapître.

(1) Leave the road and take the wide path on the right which climbs up a valley, partially planted with vines, and joins another wide path coming from the right. Turn left and continue on to the village of Andillac.

Ignore the access road to the village centre on the right and instead, a few metres further on, turn right onto the tarmacked road going gently downhill. Keep to the left at the next two intersections until you reach the crossroads in Savignats.

(2) Follow the road to the left, going past the front of a magnificent and very well-restored dovecote, ignore the wide path which heads off the left. Coming out of the marked bend to the right, leave the road and take the path on the left which leads to a small tarmacked road.

(3) Turn right two more times. At Pausadou, ignore the road leaving off to the right, which returns to Andillac, and instead continue on the left. Go past the entrance to Château-Musée du Cayla, cross over a small bridge and you will arrive at a crossroads in the turning just after.

GR White and Red Waymarking + PR Yellow

(4) Head to the right and climb up the valley of the small Saint-Hussou river by staying on this wide, partially-paved, path.

No waymarking

(5) Turn right in the sharp bend onto a path which quickly reaches a plateau, providing beautiful views over the surrounding countryside. Once on the tarmacked road, turn right in order to reach Lintin, where you cannot fail to appreciate the magnificent dovecote, topped with a really remarkable pointed roof.

(6) Opposite the church, take the small road going downhill to the right. Go past the access road to the Mérits farm on the right. Continue on to the fork and take the right which leads to a star-shaped crossroads.

(7) Follow the tarmacked path to the left which pleasantly circles round the plateau, ignore the two roads which appear one after the other on the right.

(8) In the curve of a wide bend to the left, leave the road and continue on the slightly grassy path on the right and then turn onto the first path on the right. This path goes between the vines and heads down to a lower point. Continue on the left, ignoring the access route to the hill and the telecommunications tower on the right. The path heads into a wood and then quickly comes out of it again to go alongside a vineyard (the route shown on the IGN map is wrong at this point).

(9) Turn 90° to the left and go between two vineyards until you reach a wider, well-marked path, turn right onto this. When you reach a ruin which is nearly completely buried under moss, turn to the right and go alongside a property until you reach a tarmacked road. Follow the road to the right going downhill until you reach the D1 at the entrance to the village of Cahuzac-sur-Vère.

(10) Cross the road (be careful as it's a very busy road), go alongside the changing rooms of the football stadium and cross over the small bridge over the Vère (it is not shown on the IGN map, but is definitely there on the ground).

PR Yellow Waymarking

Turn left and follow the small tarmacked road which quickly turns into a wide, level path. This goes alongside the Vère and, past the bridge on the right, turns 90° to the left and climbs uphill going alongside a wood until it reaches a tarmacked road.

(11) Turn right, go between several beautifully-restored houses in Comberouzal and continue on for about 300 m.

(12) In the curve of a bend to the left, leave the road and take the wide path opposite you which goes downhill along the Vère and ends up on the D26.

(13) Turn right, cross the bridge over the river and re-join the D1. Follow this road to the left, taking good care walking on the very narrow pavement (a bend to the left with no visibility and the traffic can be quite heavy) to return to your vehicle (D/A).

Waypoints :
D/A : km 0 - alt. 197m
1 : km 0.66 - alt. 222m - Le Chapître, take the path on the right.
2 : km 2.18 - alt. 229m - Crossroads, follow the road on the left.
3 : km 3.23 - alt. 269m - Tarmacked road, turn right twice.
4 : km 4.18 - alt. 220m - GR junction, take the left.
5 : km 5.49 - alt. 238m - Leave the GR, turn right.
6 : km 6.14 - alt. 275m - Lintin Church, turn right.
7 : km 7.01 - alt. 271m - Star-shaped crossroads, take the road on the left.
8 : km 8.1 - alt. 272m - Leave the road, continue gently to the right.
9 : km 9.22 - alt. 232m - Turn 90° to the left between the vineyards.
10 : km 10.62 - alt. 193m - D1
11 : km 12.51 - alt. 221m - Tarmacked road, turn right.
12 : km 13.03 - alt. 227m - Leave the road, continue on the path opposite.
13 : km 14.14 - alt. 183m - D26, turn right.
D/A : km 14.56 - alt. 196m

Useful Information

Hiking shoes recommended because of the stony sections.

Water point in Vieux - at the start, turn left heading towards the church.

Parking is possible in the church square in Vieux, but there are only one or two spaces.

The waymarking is good quality and plentiful. A little before point (8), you will find the GR waymarking, before leaving it behind about 450 m further on in order to turn to the right. Take account of the very short distance as the waymarking in this section is not mentioned in the description.

The route alternates between sections on dirt paths and small tarmacked roads. The latter (except for the D1) are not often used and do not detract from the rural charm of this hike.

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

During the walk or to do/see around

The villages of Vieux and Andillac.

Two beautiful and well-restored dovecotes.
In Andillac, the first is in the meadow to the left of the road where you go past the front of the church and the second is higher up on the left, 250 m after point (2).
In Linton, around twenty metres on the right after the church.

Several pretty, tastefully-restored houses.

The Château-Musée du Cayla, associated with Maurice and Eugénie de Guérin whose correspondence is still famous.
Château de Cayla

The GPS track and description are the property of the author.