The wash houses of Thury by mountain bike

A mountain biking route for anyone who loves bike rides and discovering natural and architectural heritage. You're in for a treat! But be prudent!

Technical sheet
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A Thury (Yonne) walk posted on 23/08/14 by Sarita J. Update : 14/05/20
Author's time Author's time : 2.5 hrs
Distance Distance : 22.39km
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 304m
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 300m
Highest point Highest point : 326m
Lowest point Lowest point : 226m
Moderate Difficulty : Moderate
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Mountain biking Mountain biking
Area Area : Puisaye
Location Location : Thury (Yonne) (89520)
Starting point Starting point : N 47.586673° / E 3.294527°
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(D/A) Depart from the Place de l'Eglise

Take the road to Saint Sauveur for 100m and then turn right into Rue du Guichet. At the junction, bear left and after 300m, take the path on your left for about 1300m.

(1) Take the path on the right that comes out onto a little road that you must take to the right as far as the junction with the D3 road. Take the road opposite you, then bear slightly right and immediately after (2), turn left. This way you can avoid crossing the hamlet of Colangette.

(3) At Carouge junction, take the dirt track opposite you for about 1400m and then turn right to head up toward the D4 road.

(4) When you reach this road, take the road to the right for 50m then take the path up to the left until you arrive at a wide bend on a paved road. Turn right and continue on this road. At the next crossing, turn right and follow the road for 100m, then take the dirt road on your left and continue past Puits des Champs (5) until you reach the next paved road.

Follow this road to the left into the village of Grangette and at the crossing, turn right (6) down the paved road. Leave this road at the next bend and take the dirt track on the right. After a right-angle bend, take the next path on your left, leading to the D73 road.

(7) Cross this road and take the righthand path through the undergrowth. From here, there are many different tracks marked on the ground (8). Refer to the Useful Information indications and to the moutain biking signs.
Head South West with the quarries to your left as you follow along the edge of the woodland.

(9) Walk past the football field on your right and head up to the crossroads, then turn left.
The road becomes a forest path. Ignore all the paths off to the left and right, until you come out of the woods. (10) As you come out of the woods, make a 90° turn to the right and follow along the edge of Roichat wood, until you reach the road. At the road, turn right and continue for about 800m.

(11) Take the path on your left, then after 150m, turn right. Stay on this path until you reach the next road (D3). Cross the road, continue for 200m, then turn right. Cross the road again, and go down the path that leads to Moulery spring. Climb back up to the road, cross it, and then take the dirt track.
From this track, you will have lovely views of Moulery hamlet. Turn right then left. Then take the next two turnings to the right to reach Gémigny wash house. (12)

Continue on to Boutaut spring (13), always keeping the path on your left. Retrace your steps, walk through Gémigny, along Rue des Cours then turn left, along Rue des Lavoirs. Continue along this road until you reach Panny spring.

(14) Turn left up the road and head North-West. When you reach the first fork, turn right then immediately afterwards bear the left along the path. At the next junction, turn right and when you reach the top of the slope, turn right to reach the D73 road.

(15) Cross this road then take the path opposite. At the following crossing, turn left. Then, choose the path on your right that leads to the village of Forêt.

(16) Take the road to the right (D211) and continue until you reach the reservoirs on your left. Bear south east along the dirt track until you come out onto the D73 road.

(17) Cross this road - Saint Julien wash house is on the right. Keep walking South East until you reach the church forecourt.

Waypoints :
D/A : km 0 - alt. 268m - Église Saint-Julien ( Thury)
1 : km 1.51 - alt. 314m - Change direction
2 : km 2.72 - alt. 285m
3 : km 3.04 - alt. 276m - Carrouge crossroads
4 : km 4.55 - alt. 240m - Road crossing
5 : km 6.04 - alt. 269m - Puits des Champs
6 : km 6.84 - alt. 267m - Crossroads, turn right.
7 : km 8.06 - alt. 258m - Crossroads, take the path opposite
8 : km 8.36 - alt. 275m - Carrières souterraines de la Chaume de Thury
9 : km 8.96 - alt. 293m - On your right, the football field.
10 : km 10.26 - alt. 277m - Warning, when you leave the woods, bear right.
11 : km 12.19 - alt. 231m - Leave the road and take the path on your left.
12 : km 13.82 - alt. 253m
13 : km 15.77 - alt. 263m - Gémigny wash house
14 : km 16.21 - alt. 267m - Boutaud source and ancient feudal motte - Source de Boutaud et ancienne motte féodale
15 : km 16.89 - alt. 259m - Panny wash house and old pump house.
16 : km 18.85 - alt. 317m - Displaced crossroads
17 : km 19.94 - alt. 286m - At the trough, take the road on the right.
18 : km 22.12 - alt. 271m - Saint Julien wash house
D/A : km 22.39 - alt. 268m - Église Saint-Julien ( Thury)

Useful Information

At crossing point (8), you are at the Chaume de Thury and an area of old quarries of protected limestone rocks. This area is dangerous on bikes. Children should be careful when crossing some of the paths, as should adults!

The whole circuit can be done in summer or in winter. You need all the usual biking equipment including water; the water from the springs is not drinkable.
This route is marked with signs on wooden posts or existing structures (telephone boxes, electricity poles, etc.) and even on the ground in the plains. The signposting is marked with number 9.

Be careful, this path takes the same route as a pedestrian route, but in the opposite direction.

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

During the walk or to do/see around

You can visit the Church of Saint-Julien. Information is available at the city-hall.

The GPS track and description are the property of the author.