South Harting to Emsworth

Spectacular South Downs route to the coast - downland, woodland, Stansted Park, ending at Emsworth railway station.

Technical sheet
No. 3655959
A Harting walk posted on 24/07/20 by brianroliver. Update : 27/07/20
Calculated time Calculated time: 5h55[?]
Distance Distance : 18.59km
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 198m
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 262m
Highest point Highest point : 152m
Lowest point Lowest point : 6m
Average Difficulty : Average
Back to starting point Back to starting point : No
Walking Walking
Area Area : South Downs
Location Location : Harting
Starting point Starting point : N 50.968833° / W 0.884291°
Arrival Arrival : N 50.851495° / W 0.938205°
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(D) Take the path right of the small car park in South Harting, heading south and uphill until you see a small path to the right

(1) Take this route through the woods and uphill - a nice lung-opening start to the walk.

(2) At the top junction turn right on the South Downs Way for a short while, then left heading up to more woodland.

(3) Left here (a small path joins the larger one in a few yards) and walk on, ignoring various crossing paths and maintaining the same direction until you come to some houses, a short tarmac road and then the B2146.

(4) Turn left for about a quarter of a mile and you will see a path on your right.

(5) The signposted path appears to follow the right-hand side of the field but in fact goes across the middle to a crossing point at the next fence (6), then across to another in the same direction, then across the next field to a gate on to a paved road.

(7) Left here for a short way, then take the signposted path right (8) through paddocks and alongside houses into Compton where you will find a tea room/shop and a pub.

(9) Go left beyond the pub, and take the path right, heading away from Compton.

(10) Head diagonally uphill, over a stile, on up through a gate and bear right. maintain direction until the path splits left or straight up, and bear left through woods and down to the outskirts of West Marden.

(11) Bear right, uphill until the path bears right (12) and now you maintain a fairly straight line, with kinks round and back into the wood with plenty of felled logs and trunks. Keep going to the road.

(12) Head left until the next signpost right, at the edge of the field. This path (14) takes you into the grounds of Stansted House and offers a fine view of the house itself. Keep on past the house, take the path right (15) which then bears left to the road (16). Straight over and stick to this path (also a cycle path) to the next road (17) and across, and on to another road (18) where you turn right for a short while, then left. Through the woods to the road, then follow the path around the houses on the edge of Emsworth, and on to the station. (A)

Waypoints :
D : km 0 - alt. 73m - Car park
1 : km 0.1 - alt. 72m
2 : km 1.19 - alt. 149m - South Down Way
3 : km 2.52 - alt. 138m - Woodland
4 : km 4.4 - alt. 93m - B2146
5 : km 4.95 - alt. 92m - Signpost
6 : km 5.22 - alt. 90m - Fence
7 : km 5.68 - alt. 93m - Hundred Acres
8 : km 6.08 - alt. 81m - Hundred Acres Farm
9 : km 6.78 - alt. 78m - Pub
10 : km 6.96 - alt. 75m - Compton
11 : km 8.76 - alt. 85m - West Marden Hill
12 : km 9.1 - alt. 113m - West Marden Copse
13 : km 12.13 - alt. 54m - North Coopers Wood
14 : km 12.32 - alt. 53m - Orange Grove
15 : km 12.78 - alt. 43m - South Coopers Wood
16 : km 13.33 - alt. 39m - Saw Mill
17 : km 14.26 - alt. 46m - Woodberry Lane
18 : km 14.93 - alt. 44m - Emsworth Common Road
A : km 18.59 - alt. 8m - Station

Useful Information

Linear not circular, so if you are using public transport you will need to plan ahead. There are buses from Petersfield to South Harting, and from Chichester and Midhurst. If the timetable works better you can always do the walk 'backwards' and start at Emsworth rail station.
If you are leaving a vehicle at either end, there is a small car park in South Harting, or you can park at the roadside in the village.
Pleasant tea room/shop in Compton, and a pub, and a very nice pub in west Marden a short way off the route (marked on OS map). Plenty of trains to and from Emsworth.

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

During the walk or to do/see around

Many spectacular views of the Downs, the woodland, the sea and Stansted House. You will likely see deer and a lot of hawks.

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