Grafham Water to Over

Walk from Grafham Water Visitor Centre to Over, visiting Brampton, Godmanchester, Houghton, Hemingford Abbots, Hemingford Grey and St. Ives.

Technical sheet
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A Grafham walk posted on 01/05/21 by SarahPoulter. Update : 04/05/21
Calculated time Calculated time: 9h50[?]
Distance Distance : 34.44km
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 12m
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 47m
Highest point Highest point : 59m
Lowest point Lowest point : 4m
Difficult Difficulty : Difficult
Back to starting point Back to starting point : No
Walking Walking
Location Location : Grafham
Starting point Starting point : N 52.297775° / W 0.290811°
Ending point Ending point : N 52.309846° / E 0.016978°
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(D) Start at the Visitor Centre and head towards the village of Grafham

(1) Follow the footpath towards Grafham village from the Grafham Water Visitor Centre. Walk either along Buckden Road or the footpath on the left, up Church Hill.

(2) Walk along the main road through the village (Breach Road). Continue out of the village and take the footpath on the right, just before a left turn to the caravan park.

(3) Follow the footpath until you reach Brampton Wood.

(4) From this point, either follow the footpath around the outside of the wood or take an alternative one through the wood.

(5) Continue along the footpath out of Brampton Wood towards the A1 motorway. There should be a quarry-type place on your right.

(6) Follow the footpath adjacent to the motorway until you reach a small road bridge ( Brampton/Grafham Road)

(7) Continue along this road, heading into Brampton.

(8) Turn right, down Park Road and continue. Follow Sandwich Road and North Road until you reach Central Avenue - there will be a Co-Op on your left.

(9) Turn right at the roundabout and head down River Lane.

(10) Follow the footpath until you reach the river, and turn left, following the footpath. (The river should be on your right.)

(11) Continue to follow the footpath until you see a caravan park on your left. The first stop is the Brampton Mill to the right. Go along Bromholme Lane towards the railway.

(12) Follow the footpath over the railway and continue along the fairly straight route until you reach the river.

(13) Cross the river onto the fork of the river and continue up, towards Godmanchester.

(14) Cross the river again, heading to the mini roundabout on Post Street (B1044). This is the second stop - walk up Post Street (left) to find the Black Bull pub.

(15) Walk down Park Lane, and just past the school, take the footpath straight in front (there will be houses on your left).

(16) Once you're past the houses, take the path to the left and head towards the main road (A1307). Follow the footpath under the road bridge and continue round Monks Pit.

(17) Continue along the Ouse Valley Way footpath, which will follow the Cook's Stream. There will be lakes to your right. Carry on along the Ouse Valley Way footpath along the river until you reach Houghton Mill.

(18) Stop at Houghton Mill if necessary. If not, turn right, away from the river, following the footpath through Hemingford Meadow.

(19) Cross the river, via the road, and take a left onto Common Lane. Stop three is the Axe & Compass pub along this road on the left. Continue down this road until you see the footpath just after Manor Lane. Follow the footpath out of Hemingford Abbots and towards the river again.

(20) Continue to follow the riverside path until you reach St. James' Church in Hemingford Grey. Walk down Church Street and take the footpath on the left called Love Lane.

(21) At the junction, continue straight across to Meadow Lane and follow the road to the end where it will become a footpath. Continue along the footpath where there will be a line of trees on your right. The path will eventually break away from the trees and you will see the Dolphin Hotel in St. Ives. (Last chance for a stop in this area)

(22) Walk down London Road and take the footpath on the left before the houses start. Follow the footpath under the road bridge and towards the marina.

(23) Walk through the marina, adjacent to the Low Road. After the last marina area, turn left and follow the footpath running alongside the river. Don't cross the river. Follow this path under the Guided Busway.

(24) Stick to the footpath along the river - Drayton Lagoon will be on your right, and the river on your left. Carry on following this path until you reach a wide point in the river. When you see the Old Ferry Boat pub across the river, follow the footpath heading away from the river.

(25) Before you reach Ferry Pond, take the footpath to the left, where you will eventually meet the river again.

(26) Continue to follow the footpath close to the river, until you reach Swavesey Drain.

(27) Walk along Swavesey Drain and take a right at the end, heading up to Kangaroo Hill.

(28) Turn left out of the track onto Station Road, then the next right onto New Road. Continue along this road to the final destination.(A)

Waypoints :
D : km 0 - alt. 48m - Visitor Centre
1 : km 0.1 - alt. 49m - Buckden Road
2 : km 1.85 - alt. 59m - Main road
3 : km 2.43 - alt. 53m - Brampton Wood
4 : km 3.56 - alt. 41m - Footpath
5 : km 5.66 - alt. 40m - Footpath
6 : km 6.55 - alt. 12m - Motorway
7 : km 8.26 - alt. 15m - Brampton/Grafham Road)
8 : km 8.9 - alt. 13m - Park Road
9 : km 10.17 - alt. 14m - Roundabout
10 : km 11.03 - alt. 13m - River
11 : km 12.13 - alt. 12m - Caravan park
12 : km 12.56 - alt. 13m - Railway
13 : km 14.03 - alt. 12m - River
14 : km 14.39 - alt. 12m - River
15 : km 14.87 - alt. 13m - Park Lane
16 : km 15.22 - alt. 11m - Houses
17 : km 15.81 - alt. 9m - Ouse Valley Way footpath
18 : km 20.07 - alt. 11m - Houghton Mill
19 : km 20.52 - alt. 9m - River
20 : km 22.54 - alt. 15m - Riverside
21 : km 23 - alt. 11m - Junction
22 : km 24.83 - alt. 11m - London Road
23 : km 25.46 - alt. 11m - Marina
24 : km 28.3 - alt. 6m - Footpath along the river
25 : km 29.63 - alt. 8m - Ferry Pond
26 : km 32.25 - alt. 5m - Footpath close to the river
27 : km 33.13 - alt. 10m - Swavesey Drain
28 : km 33.64 - alt. 16m - Station Road
A : km 34.44 - alt. 16m - New Road

Useful Information

Pubs to stop at (all dog friendly):
1) The Brampton Mill, Brampton
2) The Black Bull, Godmanchester
3) Extra stop at Houghton Mill (National Trust) if necessary
4) Axe & Compass, Hemingford Abbots
5) Extra stop at St. Ives Town Centre if necessary - Numerous pubs/shops available (last stop)

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

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