Between Brangues and the Rhône

A lovely, gentle walk, part of which is along the Rhone, which you can do as a family.

Technical sheet
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A Brangues walk posted on 12/04/16 by Sarita J. Update : 08/11/18
Calculated time Calculated time: 4h35[?]
Distance Distance : 15.28km
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 76m
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 77m
Highest point Highest point : 230m
Lowest point Lowest point : 193m
Easy Difficulty : Easy
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Areas Areas : Jura mountains, Dauphiné
Location Location : Brangues (38510)
Starting point Starting point : N 45.694331° / E 5.52854°
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A picnic stop on the banks of the Rhône


Leave your car in the car park at the main square, near the church, opposite Brangues town hall (Isère).

The entire route is marked by yellow PR® waymarks (Petite Randonnée – Short Hike) or black arrows on a yellow background. The first part takes you along some relatively quiet and pleasant little roads.

(D/A) Turn right (southeast) down Rue du Bourg and keep going until you reach a crossroads at the end of the village.

(1) Turn left down Rue du Pavé. Go past the houses in Le Martin and follow the road through fields of crops and orchards until you reach a small river, the Save (a tributary of the Rhone that is about 12 kilometres long).

(2) Cross over the river on a small bridge, and keep going straight on through the flood plain. The region was sadly in the media in 1990, when there was an impressive and memorable flood here. Keep following along the road until you reach another small river, the Huert, which is also a tributary of the Rhone.

(3) Walk along this river to the right for about 600 metres.

(4) Cross the river to your the left when you reach Pigner. Ignore a path off to your right and then another to the left. At the next crossing, take a 90° left turn to reach the dyke a few metres from the Rhone.

(5) Turn left to follow the dyke northwest to the hamlet of Isle.

(6) Just after Isle, turn right onto Grand Brotteau island, which you then follow all the way along its western shore.

(7) The island's fauna is rich and varied: herons, swans, cormorants, birds of prey, etc, together with many other more discreet species than those mentioned, of course.

(8) At the pumping station, which marks the end of Grand Brotteau island, turn right and keep going until you reach Grolée bridge.

(9) Don’t cross the bridge, but instead cross over the D60 and take the path on the right to continue along the river banks along a recent stretch of the Via Rhona which takes you along the shore for about 1km.

(10) Turn left and then left again into the small hamlet of Tours, then take the first right towards La Garenne.
Take a right and immediate left and continue along a footpath. Ignore a track off to the left, and then cross over the following track before reaching the wall of Brangues castle (XIV), which was purchased by the writer and diplomat Paul Claudel in 1927. The castle still belongs to the Claudel family and the writer’s tomb is located in the park. His tomb is visible when the door is open.

(11) The path continues along the wall of the estate and then joins the D60. Turn left and walk past the cemetery (12), then keep going until you reach Brangues and the car park opposite the town hall, where the walk ends (D/A).

Waypoints :
D/A : km 0 - alt. 226m
1 : km 0.61 - alt. 209m - Left down Rue du Pavé
2 : km 1.11 - alt. 207m - The Save
3 : km 3.09 - alt. 205m - The Huert
4 : km 3.7 - alt. 204m - Pigner, turn left to cross the river
5 : km 5.15 - alt. 207m - Dyke
6 : km 6.29 - alt. 209m - Isle
7 : km 7.73 - alt. 209m - Grand Brotteau island
8 : km 9.39 - alt. 211m - Pumping station
9 : km 10.73 - alt. 205m - Grolée bridge
10 : km 11.94 - alt. 203m - Leave the banks of the Rhône and turn left
11 : km 14.31 - alt. 213m - Wall around Brangues castle
12 : km 14.8 - alt. 218m - Brangues cemetery
D/A : km 15.28 - alt. 225m

Useful Information

(8) At the pumping station which marks the end of Grand Brotteau island, it is possible to make your way straight back to Brangues by turning left and following the road for a few kilometres, if anyone’s legs are getting tired.

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

During the walk or to do/see around

(D/A) N.B., in good weather, there are lovely views to the south and southeast: the Chartreuse mountain range and further in the distance the foothills of the Vercors.

Visit Brangues church with its pretty model of the castle.
The castle itself is not open to the public but is accessible on heritage days.
Beside the town hall is the Claudel-Stendhal exhibition space. The Berthet case is mentioned here, which inspired Stendhal's novel "Le rouge et le noir."
Visit the Association website

In the village and along the route, you will see some beautiful Dauphiné houses, often with remarkable barns with four-sided roofs and rounded roof tiles.

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