Bartenheim and Brinckheim Vines Trail

A trail giving you the possibility to explore a large number of running vineyards throughout the Bartenheim and Brinckheim hillsides.

Technical sheet
No. 4098781
A Bartenheim walk posted on 24/02/16 by Tamtraductions. Update : 11/05/19
Calculated time Calculated time: 2h10[?]
Distance Distance : 6.93km
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 55m
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 51m
Highest point Highest point : 312m
Lowest point Lowest point : 264m
Easy Difficulty : Easy
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Location Location : Bartenheim (68870)
Starting point Starting point : N 47.633335° / E 7.472469°
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Start by parking at Bartenheim Church's small car park.

(S/F) Go past the presbytery and head down the stairs leading to Rue de la Victoire. Take a right at the next crossroads and head up towards Rue des Tuileries. Head straight along a trail that enters the forest and turns right. You can already catch a glimpse of the first vineyards. Go to the end of the trail, turn right along a vineyard and cross a prairie leading to another trail. Take the trail to the left, it will turn to the right. At the next junction, go left leading to a larger trail, head left on it.

(1) A bench allows you to admire the grapevines you've past and a first view point over the Black Forest. Keep heading straight on the trail which turn right heading alongside some Ruetschiberg grapevines. Head down the small hill on the left between the last grapevine and an orchard. Once you get to the path, go left towards a trail crossing. Take a sharp right and head up the other Ruetschiberg ridge.

(2) Another bench is placed in the school orchard, next to a freshly planted vine: stunning view over Ruetschiberg grapevines and the Black Forest. Continue on the trail rapidly reaching a high point and Brinckheim.

(3) A third bench on the edge of the forest offers a beautiful view over the Black Forest and the Hautes Vosges. Keep to the trail and cross a path heading down towards Brinckheim. To get to the trail on the other side, go slightly to the right for an easier climb when leaving the forest. When you reach a concrete path leading to Rue du Chenil, turn left, after which, take the path on the right leading to Winzerhisle (small vineyard keeper's house).

(4) Nine vineyards are still up and running. At the junction, head right on the trail leading down to Brinckheim. As soon as you reach Rue du Jura, head right onto a trail which goes along 4 other vineyards finishing at Rue du Kleinfeld. Go left onto Rue du Chenil, then left onto Rue des Abeilles then left again onto Rue du Rhin.

(5) At the church, just before the town hall, turn right onto Rue de L'Eglise then left onto Rue du Moulin then another right onto Rue des Prés. Cross the D21.1 (Rue de Stetten), then, at the first crossroads, turn right onto a tarmac path. Turn right again onto the trail parallel to the D21.1.

(6) The start of the trail offers amazing views over the whole of Brinckheim Village and leads to Bartenheim's drinking water reservoir.

(7) After the water tower, turn left onto a trail which heads off to the right reaching the last grapevines and leading to Rue des Vignes which heads back down to Bartenheim. Go left onto Rue du 19 Novembre, then head right onto Rue Saint-Georges at the roundabout. Cross the D21.1 again reaching the church's car park (S/F).

Waypoints :
D/A : km 0 - alt. 266m
1 : km 0.69 - alt. 292m
2 : km 1.31 - alt. 298m - Bench 1
3 : km 1.49 - alt. 300m
4 : km 2.51 - alt. 307m - Bench 3
5 : km 3.28 - alt. 311m - Winzerhisle
6 : km 4.47 - alt. 285m - Town Hall
7 : km 5.39 - alt. 299m - Brinckheim Balcony
D/A : km 6.93 - alt. 266m

Useful Information

Three benches.
The Winzerhisle vine keeper's house can be used as a shelter, it's open.
See waypoints.

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

During the walk or to do/see around

The hike runs along 29 vineyards (24 are running, 4 are abandoned and one freshly planted). The main variety is a hybrid, "Triomphe d'Alsace" but there is also Pinot noir.

Vineyard aspects:
Waltztrotten: 5 vineyards of which one abandoned
Ruetschiberg: 7 vineyards of which 2 abandoned
Winzerhisle: 9 vineyards
Brinckheim: 4 vineyards
Kohlacker: 4 vineyards of which 1 abandoned
- benches for breaks
- stunning view over the Black Forest, the Hautes Vosges and Brinckheim Village.

Opinions and comments


Global average : 4.33/5
Number of opinions : 1
Description quality : 5/5
Routemap quality : 4/5
Walk interest : 4/5

on Mon 19 Aug 2019 10:54:33 CEST

Global average : 4.33 / 5

Date of walk : 19/08/19
Description quality : Very good
Easiness to follow the route : Good
Walk interest : Good

Very Nice walk. Open trail mostly with some very good views out and across the region. My lesson from this walk was that google maps is difficult to use as a walking tool. After a few wrong turns I was able to follow the route OK.

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