Along River Chew, Pensford and Hunstrete Lake from Compton Dando

This circular walk explores paths around Compton Dando using sections of Two Rivers Way and Three Peaks Walk. You will walk along River Chew, also go across Lord's and Common Woods by Hunstrete Lake.

Technical sheet
No. 4192633
A Compton Dando walk posted on 15/10/20 by charentimoy. Update : 19/10/21
Calculated time Calculated time: 4h15[?]
Distance Distance : 13.18km
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 179m
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 179m
Highest point Highest point : 114m
Lowest point Lowest point : 23m
Average Difficulty : Average
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Location Location : Compton Dando
Starting point Starting point : N 51.378667° / W 2.509355°
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Compton Dando church View towards Publow and Settle Hill Marksbury from the path Hunstrete Lake


Park your car in Compton Dando (next to the Compton Inn).

(D/A) Walk Court Hill going past the open field on your left and continue straight to the bridge over River Chew.
Past the bridge, go through the kissing gate on your left (Two Rivers Way sign). Go across the open meadow along the river for 500 metres.

(1) Then, ignore a footbridge on your left but go straight for 100 metres along the trees before you go up in the woods. The path levels at the top (nice views to the surrounding countryside!) in an open field where you could see horses. Go straight following the path which goes down to Woollard. Turn left when you reach the road in the village, then left again next to Bell Farm.

(2) Cross the bridge and bear right to the footpath in front of Brookside House. Cross the small footbridge with a handrail and follow River Chew for one kilometre before you cross a large bridge.

(3) Ignore the track leading to farm buildings on your right but continue straight and go past Publow Church until you join the road. Turn left, cross the bridge and bear immediately left. Go diagonally right across the open field heading to the top of the second one. Look back and enjoy the view of the church! Follow the path until you enter Pensford. Turn left in Publow Lane and continue left in High Street at the crossroads.

(4) After 150 metres, take left the narrow path along properties in front of Blossom Cottage. When you enter the open field, go diagonally right until you join Three Peaks Way along the fence. Continue down the path, then enter a second field heading to the isolated oak tree far away.

(5) Go past the oak tree before you quickly go across the woods past the gate and a stream. Go up walking along the cornfield and cross over the road heading to Lord's Wood gate (yellow arrow). Go straight in woods for 200 metres.

(6) At the junction, go straight ahead ignoring both left and right ways. Descend the narrow path (can be slippery, be careful!) until you join a pond.

(7) At this junction next to the pond, leave Thre Peaks Way which goes straight up (yellow arrow) but bear right to the large path (sometimes muddy) along the pond. Keep this flat path close to the water until you reach a large track. Bear left following this track keeping the left side for 600 metres until you reach a junction with 3 tracks.

(8) Go straight to the track which goes up. Go past a green container and continue straight ignoring a track on your right. The track goes up for 500 metres and finally becomes a bit steeper before you reach a junction with a metallic gate (dogs on lead, no fire, no cycling signs). Go through the metallic door, walk along Hunstrete Lake.

(9) At the road in Hunstrete village, turn left until you find a footpath after 100 metres on your right in front of Bramble Cottage. Descend the path in the field which leads to Common Woods.

(10) Continue straight the track next to Hamburger Hill Paintball until the path goes up to the right and leaves the track. The next section along a field is pretty steep! Then, you go across the field heading to the small passage in the hedge far away. Past the hedge, descend the path in meadows catching sight of Marksbury far away. Bear slightly left to the kissing gate with a yellow arrow when the path levels. Turn left in the driveway, go past a small pond and skirt the right side of the farm.

(11) Use the track barely for 150 metres before you go through the metallic gate on the left. Follow the clear path in fields until you join a small hamlet. Turn left, go past properties and cross the small footbridge over Bathford Brook.

(12) Then, ignore the first permissive footpath on your left but take the second one. Leave the woods and go up along the field for 400 metres.

(13) Go through the passage in the hedge and, next to the kissing gate, take the track between the hedge and the fence in front of you. Continue straight for 500 metres before you bear right (hedge on your left still skirting the same field). Walk along the trees on your left for 600 metres.

(14) You finally see a beautiful isolated oak tree (gate with two yellow arrows). Go past the oak tree walking the field in front of you. Notice the Church of St Mary far away! Take the driveaway next to Compton Cottage which leads to the village and you are back to your car.(D/A)

Waypoints :
D/A : km 0 - alt. 27m - Compton Dando
1 : km 0.64 - alt. 26m - Woods
2 : km 2.04 - alt. 30m - Bridge
3 : km 3.2 - alt. 32m - Publow church
4 : km 4.03 - alt. 55m - Blossom Cottage
5 : km 4.71 - alt. 56m - Isolated tree
6 : km 5.53 - alt. 66m - Junction
7 : km 5.75 - alt. 49m - Pond
8 : km 6.39 - alt. 63m - Three tracks
9 : km 7.93 - alt. 105m - Bramble Cottage
10 : km 8.79 - alt. 87m - Hamburger Hill Paintball
11 : km 10.05 - alt. 81m - Metallic gate with two yellow arrows
12 : km 11.37 - alt. 43m - Footpath
13 : km 11.76 - alt. 54m - Kissing gate
14 : km 12.77 - alt. 43m - Oak tree
D/A : km 13.18 - alt. 27m - Compton Dando

Useful Information

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

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