GB Rye from the North

Pleasant hike that crosses through pastures, crops, apple orchards and some vineyards. The majority of the circuit is along grassy paths. When crossing pastures, don't forget to close gates behind you.

Technical sheet

A Rye (East Sussex) walk posted on 08/10/18 by Alain59*. Last update : 07/08/22
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    Activity: Walking
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    Distance: 15.84 km
  • ◔
    Calculated time: 4h55 
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    Difficulty: Moderate

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    Return to departure point: Yes
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    Vertical gain: + 124 m
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    Vertical drop: - 121 m

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    Highest point: 68 m
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    Lowest point: 1 m
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    District: Rye (East Sussex) 
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    Start/End: N 50.95239° / E 0.730754°

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Park in the Rye station car park.

(S/E) With your back to Rye station, take the street in front of you, cross a street and go up the lane opposite.
At the top of the hill, turn right then immediately left to follow a small alley covered with cobblestones.
Cross a small park diagonally around a church then turn left after this into another street covered with cobblestones. At the bottom of this street, follow the street on the right to join the main road which goes down on your right.
Before the "Tower Forge" shop, turn into a hairpin on the right in a small path that descends to the foot of the village.

(1) At the bottom of the path, cross the street, take a small path below on the right, keeping a bowling green on your left.
After the bowling green, turn left twice to reach a path on a hill that hides the river.
When you reach the road at the end of the hill, turn right onto New Road and stay on the right-hand pavement to cross the river.
Immediately after crossing the river, turn left to cross the street and take the public footpath which runs along the river.
Head down to the bank to pass under the railway, crossing a barrier then continue on the elevated path to pass two other barriers.

(2) On your left, cross a bridge equipped with two barriers and follow the river on your left.
Further on, crossing a fence, leave the sheep behind to find a field, and follow it on the left.
Leave the edge of the field by turning to the left towards a barrier, cross it before following a lock on your left.
At the end of the lock, turn left, cross a road and then a stream over a small wooden bridge. Continue in the meadow towards a staircase which brings you into the undergrowth. Please note that the steps are slippery and the inclined path may require sticks.

(3) Continue on the right and cross two passageways over fences. The GPS track will help you find the path when crossing the fields.

(4) Leave the undergrowth, follow the path in front of you, keeping a grove on the left.
Shortly after, pass by a fence and a hedge on the left and, at the end of the field, use a passageway through the hedge on the left. Turn immediately right after the hedge to continue in the same direction.

(5) A passageway leads to a road, follow it for a few metres to the right before heading left, crossing a large fence. Cross another passageway above a fence and continue by a small pond then a large fence on the right.

(6) Cross a large fence, continue straight on a tarmac road. Cross a bigger road then take a small path opposite.

(7) Turn right toward Hunt Cottage. After having passed by Hunt Cottage on the right, cross a barrier then follow the path which becomes stony. At the end of the stony path, cross a fence and continue to a tarmac road. Follow it to the right for a few tens of metres.

(8) Go through the passageway on the left and continue facing you between the rows of apple trees to an electricity pylon where the path continues slightly on the left. Reach a tarmac road, turn right and then, at the first turn to the right, continue straight on a path.

(9) After a short stretch of water and a turn at a right angle, at a fork, take the right-most path to enter an orchard. At the end of the orchard, leave it through a gate on the right and continue for a long time on the path which turns into a tarmac road. At an intersection with a bigger road (Main Street), cross and then turn right and continue for about 100m on the left-hand pavement. Turn left when entering a campsite before the Cook Inn. Go along the mobile homes on the left.

(10) Go between two mobile homes to find the passage above the fence and exit the campsite. Cross the plot in front of you by crossing a second landscaped passage and heading towards the corner of the field in front of you on the left.
Go over the passageway above the fence and continue towards a tarmac road that you take briefly on the right.

(11) In the first right turn, continue left on a small path across the field along a power line. Enter the undergrowth, pass a wooden bridge then turn slightly to the left. Cross a barrier before going around a church and join a tarmac road that you take to the left.

(12) When the road turns left, take the path on the right towards Clayton Farm. Cross through the farm and continue straight to pass in front of a red brick building.
Keep left at the fork.

(13) Turn right passing over a small grassy bridge to cross a large barrier and go towards a bridge hidden in a curtain of trees over a stream.
Cross the bridge, pass a sheet metal sheepfold on the left. Continue along a small hill, pass it by near a large tree, branching off to the left towards a large barrier.

(14) Cross the barrier and continue along a stream on the left.

(15) Cross a barrier on the left and follow the stream on the right. Cross a new barrier, continue towards a small road on the left. Immediately turn right to join a path on a hill that borders the river. At the end of the hill, cross a barrier and turn right on a small tarmac path.
Follow this path to the end to find yourself at a level crossing after which, by turning left, you will come to Rye station (S/E).


  1. S/E : km 0 - alt. 4 m
  2. 1 : km 0.86 - alt. 10 m - Crossing Fishmarket Road
  3. 2 : km 2.92 - alt. 1 m - Bridge with two barriers
  4. 3 : km 3.75 - alt. 21 m - Turn right across the field
  5. 4 : km 4.44 - alt. 36 m - Way out of the undergrowth
  6. 5 : km 4.85 - alt. 44 m - Well kept road leading to a paved road
  7. 6 : km 5.76 - alt. 45 m - Large fence leading towards asphalt road
  8. 7 : km 6.31 - alt. 46 m - Right turn towards Hunt Cottage
  9. 8 : km 6.96 - alt. 28 m - Passage on the left to enter the orchard
  10. 9 : km 8.34 - alt. 10 m - Right at the fork
  11. 10 : km 10.4 - alt. 36 m - Passage between campers
  12. 11 : km 10.86 - alt. 52 m - Path to the left in a bend
  13. 12 : km 11.78 - alt. 66 m - Right path to Clayton Farm
  14. 13 : km 13.25 - alt. 18 m - Grass bridge towards a large fence
  15. 14 : km 14.23 - alt. 2 m - Large fence
  16. 15 : km 14.72 - alt. 3 m - Large fence
  17. S/E : km 15.84 - alt. 4 m

Useful Information

Car park at Rye train station. It is possible to come as a group and leave a bus in the car park.

Always stay careful and alert while following a route. Visorando and the author of this walk cannot be held responsible in the event of an accident during this route.

During the walk or to do/see around

Before or after the hike, allow some free time to visit the town and quench your thirst (in moderation) in the various pubs.

Reviews and comments

3.8 / 5
Based on 2 reviews

Clarity of route description
4 / 5
Clarity of route map
3.5 / 5
Walk interest
4 / 5
le Mon 25 Apr 2022 10:30:35 EDT

Overall rating: 4 / 5

Date of walk: 05/04/22
Clarity of route description: ★★★★☆ Good
Clarity of route map: ★★★★☆ Good
Walk interest: ★★★★☆ Good

Walked on very wet and windy day so enjoyment spoiled. Some of the route was a bit difficult to find but it all adds to the experience. Returning in June to do it again with a group so hopefully weather will have improved.

le Tue 01 Feb 2022 05:49:32 EST

Hi Stockers,

Thank you for this feedback. Do you have any suggestions to improve the description so I can modify it accordingly?


le Mon 31 Jan 2022 04:23:18 EST

Overall rating: 3.7 / 5

Date of walk: 24/01/22
Clarity of route description: ★★★★☆ Good
Clarity of route map: ★★★☆☆ Average
Walk interest: ★★★★☆ Good

A very nice walk through some lovely countryside but some of the directions are a bit vague.

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