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OS Maps on smartphone
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Advanced route planner
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Real-time position sharing
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Advanced search engine

Topographic maps available on your mobile (even offline)

  • OS Explorer Great Britain
  • IGN France and overseas territories (topo & satellite maps)
  • IGN Belgium
  • IGN Spain
  • Swisstopo

High level of detail maps

Subscribing to OS Maps gives you access to unique levels of zoom and precise maps on your smartphone. Zoom levels goes up to 1:50 000 so it’s making it easier to find your way around.

Save money

1:25 000 OS Maps in paper costs at least £8.99 each covering a limited area. With the Visorando Club access the full set of OS Maps and overseas maps on your smartphone from £4,99.

Easily change map layers while plotting a route or searching for a walk on visorando.com/en.

Walking route planner on your mobile phone

Plot your own routes and directly record it on smartphone using the Visorando mobile app. The route planner calculates the distance and elevation gain of your route simultaneously.

Advanced walking route planner on your desktop

Intuitive and ergonomic, it offers several possibilities:

  • Full screen mode
  • Automatically generate a return journey or reverse a route
  • Import, export multiple GPX files
  • Compoare and merge multiple routes
  • Automatically center the map so it is easier to plot your route

No ads

There is nothing nicer than being able to smoothly and freely browse without being disturbed by advertisements. You will easily take the website in hand without having the risk to click on a link which does not interest you.

Detailed weather forecast

Easily consult 7 days of weather forecast (including 48h detailed hour per hour). You can also check the last 3 days weather forecast related to all the routes even for your private ones.

Real-time position sharing from the app

Your loved ones will be able to view your route, follow your progress minute by minute, locate you if necessary and know the battery level of your phone.

This feature available on the Visorando mobile app requires you to be connected to a mobile network.

Advanced search engine

The Visorando Club subscription gives you access to several maps on the search engine on visorando.com (OpenStreetMap Hiking (Worldwide), OpenStreetMap (Worldwide), OpenStreetMap Cycling (Worldwide) and Topo IGN!).

Visualize easily the difficulties linked with the relief, the areas with a high drop, but also spot the remarkable sites and other natural curiosities such as waterfalls, caves, monuments…

Sort, classify and order your hikes on the app and on the Visorando website

You can now order all your hikes and classify them according to your preferences: by year, by theme, by region, by difficulty… In this way, you will more easily find the routes already taken and those to be done!

Hiking maps customizable according to your needs

Thanks to the Visorando Club, customize the PDFs of your hikes according to your needs. Choose the color and thickness of your plot, apply the scale and map layer of your choice (OSM, IGN, Satellite IGN, etc.), decide on the display mode (portrait or landscape) and the information to be included.

Do you love long-distance hiking? Frame the whole of your tour: place and overlap as many frames as necessary and no longer cut your hike in several pieces.

Export KML/Google Earth

By exporting your hikes on Google Earth, you have access to satellite images and relief of the entire globe in 3D. You can zoom in and out at any point of your hikes, get a better idea of the reality of the terrain and visualize your hikes from the sky.

Slope map layer of France

For those of you, who like to ski in the French Alps, the slope map makes it possible to visualize the inclination of slopes greater than 30° to understand risk areas and to anticipate the risk of avalanches.

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