Thirteenth Stage Camino Primitivo - As Quintas (Burres) to Lavacolla

This walk is part of the trek El Camino Primitivo - from Oviedo to Santiago de Compostela.

A comfortable stage with very few slopes; along tracks, crossing forests and meadows. As in the previous stage, the route runs parallel to the main N-547 road and the soon to be completed A-54 motorway. Our route passes O Pedrouzo and the airport to give us a short distance to walk in the next stage to allow us to get to the Pilgrim's Mass, which is celebrated daily at 12 noon in the Cathedral of Santiago.

Technical sheet
No. 3167072
A Arzúa walk posted on 23/04/20 by El Sud. Update : 21/12/20
Calculated time Calculated time: 7h40[?]
Distance Distance : 23.42km
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 335m
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 428m
Highest point Highest point : 420m
Lowest point Lowest point : 248m
Average Difficulty : Average
Back to starting point Back to starting point : No
Walking Walking
Location Location : Arzúa
Starting point Starting point : N 42.928582° / W 8.214477°
Arrival Arrival : N 42.899384° / W 8.443967°
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(D) Stepping out of the Albergue at As Quintas, take the road heading south-west, under the motorway, straight over at a crossroads, past the bar Casa Calzada and into the hamlet A Calzada. Keep heading in the same direction as you leave the hamlet, cross over the River Lengüello and down to A Calle de Ferreiros. Weave your way through the village, following the yellow arrows, to cross a stream and finally leave the houses behind. The road splits, leaving us on a dirt track on the right behind a wooden railed fence that gradually moves away from the tarmacked road. Keep to the right of a white-coloured house and head between a row of trees until you reach a crossroads. Go straight across, now heading north-west, following the sign for Suso. Bear left at a fork and go along the dirt track through A Boavista. At the crossroads, turn left then right to continue along the dirt track to go past Granxa de Dorindo to reach a crossroads that we also cross over to continue in the same westerly direction along a tree-lined lane. This eventually comes out at a road junction but our route continues along a surfaced road almost opposite. This takes us between farms and houses to gradually meet up with the main N-547 road. Turn right and head into A Salceda.

(1) Keep on the path on the right-hand side of the road, past the Albergue de Boni and follow the curve round to the left. Just after a derelict building on the right, our route deviates from the road, going right next to a bus-stop and behind the Meson A'esquipa. Go through the woods to a crossroads, continue straight ahead to come out onto the N-547 road next to a warehouse with tractors parked outside. Go past this compound (Tractores Riocabo) and cross over to the left-hand side of the main road to take the track that heads into the woods. This crosses over a local road at O Cabo and continues heading southwest to go under the N-547 at A Brea.

(2) Head along the tree-lined dirt track, past some residential buildings and cultivated farmland. At a road junction, turn left, then right past the house. Head down the lane to cross a stream and go straight ahead, into the shade of the trees. Bear left at a fork in the path and through farm buildings to a T-junction. Turn left to reach the main N-547road. Turn right, along the dirt path to the side of the road. Follow the road until you reach a blue traffic sign, indicating the A-54 to Santiago and Lugo, where you should cross over to the dirt path on the left-hand side of the road. From here, it's just a case of keep on keeping on, following the road through Cerceda.

(3) Cross the road opposite the turn off for Toxa and Touro, past the Meson O Empalme, to go up a local road to a T-junction. Turn left to go behind the houses, parallel to the main road, coming down to the tarmac near Santa Irene. Keep on the dirt track to the right of the road all the way to the pilgrim's refuge and the bar Santo-lago. The path runs to the right of the wooden shelter and continues by the side of the road, coming out at a bus-stop. Keep on the dirt track on the right-hand side of the road that gradually moves away from the road, going through a wood but coming back to the road again after about 300 m. Then cross over the main road to head down a local road to a few houses and eventually to A Rúa.

(4) Head past the Pensión Casa da Fonte, along the pretty main street of the hamlet. Keep straight ahead, past hóreos and the campsite, bearing right at a fork. After crossing a stream, this local road comes up to the main N-547. Bear left and cross the road to take another dirt track in the same general direction that comes out of the wood onto Calle Pedrouzo at the back of a secondary school. This is O Pedrouzo.

(5) At the road junction, turn right past Bar Miras to find a concealed left turn off into the woods. This comes out at Santo Antón, which we weave through, following the yellow arrows and shell signs. Once again we follow the dirt track into the shade of the trees, heading south-west, bearing left at a fork, When the trees finish, turn left then right, follow this round to the left to come out onto a local road with a shell sign in front, indicating to go right. Follow this road down to some houses as the road bends right then left to reach a T-junction. As the shell sign indicates, turn right and follow this road round to the left. Go past a few houses and over a stream to reach the main N-547 road again near a bar called Kilometro 15 in O Amenal.

(6) There is a pedestrian tunnel that goes under the main road and our route continues on the other side, where there is another bar Hotel Parrillada. Keep straight on, following the signs, through woods and crossing other tracks. Eventually, the route hits the airport perimeter fence at a T-junction. Turn right to head north for a short while, meeting the N-547 at a roundabout. Turn left and follow the track by the side of the service road, passing the end of the runway (gates C3), round to the left and crossing the main road at a pedestrian crossing on some cobbles to now walk on the right-hand side of the road. At a large triangular concrete water pump, a local road leads off to the right. Go along this road leading into San Paio.

(7) Weave your way through San Paio, past the bar Porta de Santiago and the local church to head back out again, bearing left at a fork to head slightly uphill. The track bears off to the right and then comes down to a tunnel under the SC-21 dual carriageway and continues on the other side. At a fork in the path, a wooden footpath sign indicates that you should bear left, down through the trees to come out onto a tarmacked road, Lugar Esquipa. Bear right at the junction and head along the local road past residential buildings all the way until the road becomes Lavacolla. The wooden sign says go straight on, so keep on this road with houses to the left and agricultural fields to the right. The road bends sharply to the left to go past the church of San Paio de Sabugueira which is worth a visit. Continue round past the cemetery and along the late to meet the main N-634 road. Head up to the junction, on the left hand side and the Albergue Lavacolla is just past the bus-stop, opposite a small supermarket.(A)

Waypoints :
D : km 0 - alt. 399m - As Quintas (Burres)
1 : km 6.02 - alt. 360m - A Salceda
2 : km 8.13 - alt. 376m - A Brea
3 : km 10.02 - alt. 403m - Cerceda
4 : km 12.71 - alt. 279m - A Rúa
5 : km 14.16 - alt. 291m - O Pedrouzo
6 : km 17.1 - alt. 248m - O Amenal
7 : km 20.84 - alt. 342m - San Paio
A : km 23.42 - alt. 301m - A Lavacolla

Useful Information

Depending on the weather, this is a pleasant stroll or a soggy slog. There are plenty of watering holes along the way and some shade if the sun is too hot. Although there are some tunnels avoiding crossing the A-54 motorway, the main N-547 road and the SC-21 dual carriageway, there are some crossings that have to be navigated with some care. In Santa Irene, close to the Albergue, there is a Pilgrim's Rest Area (next to the bar Sant-lago) with a shelter and tables with benches. Hopefully, you won't need your wet weather gear but keep it handy as the climate is pretty changeable even in the summer months.

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

During the walk or to do/see around

There are a few churches that can be visited along the way; for example, the Chapel of Santa Irene is on the other side of the road from the Camino but can be reached easily. Close by, the fountain that bears the same name, is very popular with pilgrims since it is known as the "Fountain of Eternal Youth", and according to legend, anyone who washes with its water will always remain young. As with the previous stage, you'll probably find a lot of other people on the route so take time to chat and exchange experiences. Take time to enjoy the scenery and remember, this is not a race and plans should be flexible. Don't leave any rubbish and don't damage the environment. Keep to the Country Code and respect the farmers, vegetation, animals and rivers. Don't take any plants or stones home; take photos (they last longer and you can share them). Say hello to fellow walkers and help anyone who needs it. Take care of yourself and make the most of the moment!

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