The Marne Valley between the Ourcq Canal and Monceaux forest

Hiking along a bend of the river Marne. The circuit follows along streams in its first part, then crosses part of the Montceaux forest. There are beautiful panoramic vistas at every break in the tree cover.

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Calculated time Calculated time: 6h05 ?
Distance Distance : 20.00 km
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 119 m
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 117 m
Highest point Highest point : 120 m
Lowest point Lowest point : 45 m
Moderate Difficulty : Moderate
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Location Location : Trilport (77470)
Starting point Starting point : N 48.960441° / E 2.952042°
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The hike begins at the Trilport (Seine et Marne) train station car park, at Chemin d’Armentière (north of the railway track). It can be reached by car or train.

GR (Red and White) markings
Head to the west, the railway line is on your left.
At the junction with the D17 (1), then turn left at the next crossroads, then right down to banks of the river Marne. Go left to the bridge (2).

PR (Yellow) markings
Use the stairs to go up to the road, cross the Marne, then turn right onto the path along the river to the north. This road passes under the railway bridge and ends near the small river port of Moulin de Poincy, on Rue du Moulin (3).

‘’No markings''
Turn left onto Rue du Moulin, go up Rue de l'Aqueduc, follow it to the end and climb the trail to the Canal de l’Ourcq towpath (4).
Turn right and follow the towpath for 2 km. In the wide bend to the right, you will see a small weir on the other side built into the concrete wall of the canal. It is easily recognisable as it is topped by a concrete wall in an L-shape about 1 m high. In addition, a high water mark was placed on the right of the channel wall (5). A hundred meters away, the canal crosses a ravine (6).
Just before the ravine, turn right onto the path down to the edge of the wood. Turn right onto a farm track and then turn left. It runs through a large field and reaches the river Marne at a crossroads. Turn 90° to the left in the direction of a treatment plant. Continue straight ahead to arrive at Varreddes (7).
Turn left then, 300 m further on, turn right to reach the D405 at a service station.
Cross the road and turn left, walking on the hard shoulder (get behind the guardrail as soon as possible) on to the towpath of the Ourcq Canal at which turn right (8).
Continue following the lock and turn left at the bridge to join the D97.
After a succession of two left-right turns, at a further left turn, head onto the path that rises sharply to the right (9).
Walk up the wide path along the TGV rail line and continue ahead . Shortly after passing next to a bridge, where the track widens into a large junction with three roads leading off to the right, take the second right downwards (10) (pay attention to the map which does represent the reality of what is on the ground because of the works that took place recently).
Follow this road to the D405 (11) near the Ourcq Canal bridge.

PR (Yellow) markings
Cross the bridge and take Chemin de la Couture l’Évêque (12) to the left. At the junction with the D121 (Rue des Otages), continue straight ahead along Chemin des Garennes as far as the D97, and then follow this to the end of the bridge over the Marne (13).
Turn left onto the path down to the river and turn right onto the Rue de l’Église de Germigny-l’Evèque (14).
At the church, take Ruelle au Loups to the right. Arriving at the crossing located at the end of the boundary wall (15), take the second road on your left and then, 100 m further on, bear right and continue to a crossroads where the paths cross (16).

‘’No markings''
Take the path that goes diagonally to the left. Continue until you cross the D17 to arrive at the La Marche crossroads where the is a car park and picnic area (17).

GR (Red and White) markings
Bear right and follow the GR markings. After 300 m turn right, then 300 m further on turn left and, after 150 m, right again. Continue on to a large track where you veer left to reach the edge of the ditch of a railway line. Turn right and continue to Trilport train station.

The hike ends.

Waypoints :
D/A : km 0 - alt. 59 m - Gare de Trilport
1 : km 0.28 - alt. 62 m - Railway bridge
2 : km 0.82 - alt. 48 m - Bridge on the D603 - Marne (la)
3 : km 2.9 - alt. 46 m - Moulin de Poincy
4 : km 3.45 - alt. 53 m - Ourcq Canal towpath - Canal de l'Ourcq
5 : km 5.91 - alt. 67 m - Floodgate
6 : km 5.97 - alt. 66 m - Ravine, turn right
7 : km 7.48 - alt. 48 m - Arrival in Varreddes
8 : km 8.34 - alt. 61 m - Crossing canal D405
9 : km 9.76 - alt. 107 m - Path to the right in a turn of D97
10 : km 11.13 - alt. 109 m - TGV rail line, turn right
11 : km 12.25 - alt. 60 m - Bridge on the D405
12 : km 12.5 - alt. 56 m - Chemin de la Couture l'Evèque
13 : km 14.17 - alt. 59 m - Pont de la Marne
14 : km 14.73 - alt. 49 m - Rue de l'Eglise
15 : km 15.62 - alt. 57 m - End of the wall
16 : km 16.37 - alt. 76 m - Junction, veer left
17 : km 17.21 - alt. 85 m - La Marche crossroads
D/A : km 20 - alt. 59 m - Gare de Trilport

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