Rossignol Mill at Armissan and the Marmorières Dovecot circuit

Hike in the mountains of La Clape overlooking the Pyrenees, the Black Mountain and the Mediterranean. See the “Rossignol” (nightingale) mill of Armissan, and then enjoy views at the orientation table at Vinassan, and finally Marmorières Domaine’s chapel’s dovecot.

Technical sheet

A Vinassan walk posted on 07/02/16 by jivais11. Last update : 27/03/17
  • Walking
    Activity: Walking
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    Distance: 8.19 km
  • ◔
    Calculated time: 2h50 
  • ▲
    Difficulty: Moderate

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    Return to departure point: Yes
  • ↗
    Vertical gain: + 170 m
  • ↘
    Vertical drop: - 170 m

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    Highest point: 127 m
  • ▼
    Lowest point: 50 m
  • ⚐
    District: Vinassan (11110)
  • ⚑
    Start/End: N 43.204506° / E 3.08371°
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    IGN map(s): Ref. 2545ET, 2546OT

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Vinassan orientation table


Park at the fork just after passing under the A9 motorway (space for up to two vehicles).

(S/F) At the start, turn right onto the small stony dirt road next to the commemorative stone. Pass by the first path to the right.

(1) Arriving at Chemin Catou, turn right and continue for 100 m then turn left twice in succession to reach a junction.

(2) Follow the small path ahead and walk about 200 m through woods to get to the Rossignol Mill.

(3) Retrace your steps to the path (2). Trace your steps back over twenty metres, turn right towards the north-east on the dirt road leading to the viewpoint.

(4) Turn right into the path down to the vineyards. At the paved road, continue along the path almost opposite. At the edge of the wood, do not take the path to the left but instead continue to the right for 100 m then turn left to enter the woods.

(5) Once you get to the vineyards, follow the path between the vines. After the vineyards, take the left path that curves sharply to the right and runs along a hedge.

(6) At the end of the hedge, turn left and take the path between the vines. Follow this path straight ahead to reach the ruins of the ancient hamlet of Marmorières. Pass the ruins on the right, continue on the path with the old mill on the left and reach a crossroads.

(7) Take the right hand path to get to the chapel. Retrace your steps back to the road that heads to the right. The route leads almost directly opposite the dovecot where a quick detour can be made. Then head back to the left and down to the edge of the woods.

(8) Turn left (do not go straight to the Domaine de Marmorières) and walk along the edge. Continue straight ahead to the ford. After crossing the ford, turn left and head towards a fence that can be seen ahead.

(9) At the gate, turn left and then, at the junction of the roads, take the right that enters the woods. Pass by the first right turn and then another on the left and continue to the plateau.
At the junction, veer left to reach another crossroads not far from the viewpoint visited on the outbound leg.
Turn right and descend to the starting point (S/F).


  1. S/E : km 0 - alt. 50 m
  2. 1 : km 0.93 - alt. 121 m - Chemin Catou, turn right
  3. 2 : km 1.45 - alt. 117 m - Junction, take the trail ahead
  4. 3 : km 1.62 - alt. 113 m - Rossignol mill
  5. 4 : km 2.35 - alt. 123 m - Orientation table
  6. 5 : km 3.41 - alt. 116 m - Path among the vineyards
  7. 6 : km 3.88 - alt. 122 m - Turn left at the end of the hedge
  8. 7 : km 4.78 - alt. 71 m - Path to the right towards the chapel
  9. 8 : km 5.21 - alt. 55 m - Turn left at the edge
  10. 9 : km 6.15 - alt. 81 m - Turn left at the fence
  11. S/E : km 8.19 - alt. 50 m

Useful Information

This hike is possible in running shoes. Binoculars are recommended on a clear day.

Always stay careful and alert while following a route. Visorando and the author of this walk cannot be held responsible in the event of an accident during this route.

During the walk or to do/see around

Views of the Black Mountain, Narbonne plains, the Mediterranean, the Pyrenees and the air base.
Passage near the mill. Chapel and dovecote of the Marmorières.
While you are there, take the opportunity to visit the Vinassan ice house which is a 350 m walk from the start of the hike. Pass under the tunnel of the motorway, take the first dirt road to the left at the large wooden gate. Along the motorway, following the path, you will reach the ice house.

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le Mon 20 Aug 2018 12:03:43 EDT

Overall rating: 5 / 5

Date of walk: 20/08/18
Clarity of route description: ★★★★★ Very good
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Is was a nice and interresting walk. Tip start early beceause of the heat.

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