From Drymen to Rowardenann

This walk is part of the trek The West Highland Way.

This second stage of the West Highland Way (WHW) is incredible! It includes three distinct parts. First, you walk through beautiful woodland. Then, after crossing the fields, walk up Conic Hill, from where you get large views of the Highlands et le Loch Lomond. After going steeply down toward Balmaha port, alternate walking along the lakeside then up and down through woodlands.

Technical sheet
No. 28754964
A Stirling walk posted on 14/11/22 by Delphinium. Update : 23/11/22
Calculated time Calculated time: 8h30[?]
Distance Distance : 24.44km
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 527m
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 550m
Highest point Highest point : 335m
Lowest point Lowest point : 11m
Difficult Difficulty : Difficult
Back to starting point Back to starting point : No
Walking Walking
Area Area : Loch Lomond and The Trossachs
Location Location : Stirling
Starting point Starting point : N 56.065846° / W 4.452261°
Ending point Ending point : N 56.14927° / W 4.641119°
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Start : Drymen town center

The official WHW waymark to follow: waypost with the "iconic little logo of a thistle with arrows on either side" + waypost - waymark with a yellow arrow when there is a change in direction."

(D) Walk along Stirling Road, the road you came from the previous day, following it East-North-East along the left-side pavement. When the road bends right, carry straight on. At the end of the pavement, take a path left between two hedges. At the end of the path, walk along the A811 roadside, still following the left pavement.

(1) After around 500m, turn left and go past a gate. Follow the path, first between fields then alongside the woodland on your left-hand side.

(2) At the junction, take the 2nd wide path on the left (the first one is not shown on the map). Walk slowly up the hill North-West. When you reach a minor road, keep left for around 30m.

(3) Turn right, go past a small car park and follow the forest track West-North-West. A the intersection, ignore the path right. Soon, spot "Loch Lomond" in front of you.

(4) At the junction, keep straight.

(5) At the Y-junction, take the wide path right (North-West). Stay along the main path crossing a footbridge over two rivers.

(6) At the junction, carry straight on, keeping slightly right on the higher road towards Balmaha. The woodland slowly becomes clearer.

(7) Go past a gate and get out of the woodland. Go through the field slowly going up the hill, bearing North then West-North-West. Cross the river using the footbridge. At the junction, carry straight on and go downhill. Cross the river then Burn of Mar over a footbridge.

(8) Start going up a steep hill (stairs made of wood and stones). Further along, the slope becomes less inclined: go round the hill on the right. Reach a flatter area and walk at the bottom of the summit.

(9) Just before the walk starts going down, leave the WHW for a moment by taking sharply left a path going towards Conic Hill summit. Quickly, reach a small pass.

(10) Go up hill on the left immediately reaching Conic Hill summit. (Enjoy the view). Return to the small pass.

Carry straight on (South-West) to reach a smaller summit from where you get a view of Loch Lomond. Then return.

Go down the path on the left to rejoin the WHW.

(9) Walk diagonally left and start going steeply downhill on a rocky path. On a light flat section, turn left (South) and carry on going down (stepping stones then wooden steps).

(11) Past a gate, enter a woodland and slowly carry on down the hill. At at T-junction, turn right and carry on almost flat. Reach a wide parking.

(12) Turn left, walk across the parking and leave the National Park building on your left-hand side.

(13) Reach a road and follow it right on the left pavement, soon protected by a small wall. When the road goes right towards Rowardenann, carry straight on the dead end street.

(14) After almost 100m, go up a flight of steps on the right and take a footpath uphill. Ignore two side path left, then go diagonally right to reach a viewpoint. Go down again on the left.

(15) At the Y-juntcion, walk diagonally left and alongside "Loch Lomond" on your left-hand side. Walk along a beach then cross a stream. Carry on along the lochside for around 1Km to reach a parking.

(16) Cross a parking, across a footbridge then walk diagonally left to rejoin the lochside. Walk on the pebble beach and, when you can, cross the stream.

(17) At the end of the beach, find a road and follow it left. Further along, take a footpath parallel to the road on the right side. At the end, carry on the road for around 100m then take a path parallel on the left side.

(18) At the junction, cross the minor paved road giving access to 'Crireoch'' private property and follow the path straight ahead, which soon goes diagonally left. Walk up and down into the woods. Rejoin the road and follow it left for around 10m until the junction (bench made of stones).

(19) Carry on the path parallel to the road, on its right side. Cross the river Cashel Burn and, as soon as you get out of the bridge, turn left.

(20) Cross the road again and follow a path between the loch on your left-hand and the road on your right-hand side. Go past Anchorage Cottage then cross a bridge made of stones.

(21) Just after the bridge, leave the road and turn left on a path into the woods. After walking up steps made of stones, alternate going up and downhill. Rejoin the lochside and reach Sallochy camspite car park.

(22) Cross straight ahead across the car park and, as you reach its end, cross the bridge. Carry on along the lochside, go past a private landing boat then an information board about the Scottish Centre for Écology.

(23) At the following Y-junction, take right and walk on a steep slope into the woods (wooden steps). Go back down always into the woods. Just past a house, find the lochside again nearby Mill of Ross (old mill).

(24) Cross the river and carry on towards Rowardenann. Then cross the river again over a footbridge.

(25) At the T-junction, turn left. Go past a small loch cove then walk up into the woods before going down again. Reach the road and follow it left to Rowardennan hotel. (A)

Waypoints :
D : km 0 - alt. 54m - Drymen town center
1 : km 1.3 - alt. 72m - A811 roadside
2 : km 2.17 - alt. 132m - Junction
3 : km 3.36 - alt. 167m - Garadhban Car Park
4 : km 4.46 - alt. 148m - Junction
5 : km 5.15 - alt. 156m - Y-junction
6 : km 6.18 - alt. 144m - Junction
7 : km 7.14 - alt. 171m - Gate - Exit the woods
8 : km 8.29 - alt. 146m - Burn of Mar
9 : km 10.04 - alt. 315m - Conic Hill
10 : km 10.12 - alt. 330m - Small pass
11 : km 11.67 - alt. 98m - Gate - Enter the woods
12 : km 12.39 - alt. 33m - Balmaha car park
13 : km 12.59 - alt. 17m - B837 road
14 : km 13 - alt. 24m - Path
15 : km 13.41 - alt. 22m - Y-junction - Loch Lomond
16 : km 14.82 - alt. 18m - Parking
17 : km 15.26 - alt. 13m - Road
18 : km 16.33 - alt. 27m - Junction - Crireoch entrance
19 : km 17.43 - alt. 24m - Cashel Farm access
20 : km 18.1 - alt. 24m - Road crossing
21 : km 18.93 - alt. 33m - Path
22 : km 20.31 - alt. 17m - Sallochy campsite
23 : km 20.93 - alt. 26m - Y-junction
24 : km 22.36 - alt. 12m - Mill of Ross
25 : km 23.12 - alt. 28m - T-junction
A : km 24.44 - alt. 23m - Rowardennan hotel

Useful Information

Gears :
Waterproof walking shoes. Waterproof gears. Warm clothes depending on how you handle the cold. Spray against midges.

Terrain :
This walk is quite easy and the way is really well waymarked as you reach each junction. A paper map stays useful (minimum, take the one attached with this description with you) or follow the route on the mobile app (think about downloading the offline map before departure).

Food & Drink :
Take water and snacks with you before departure.
(13) Pub-restaurant at Balmaha.
(A) Pub-restaurants at Rowardennan.

Accommodation at the end (A) :
- Rowardenann Hotel. Tel : + 44 - (0)1 360 870 273. It is a pub-restaurant offering picnic for the next day (you need to order the day before ; 7,50£ per person in August 2019).
- Rowardennan Lodge Youth Hostel (youth hostel), located around 1km further along, just past waypoint (2) of the next stage. It is a pub-restaurant ; you can also make your won meal.

Walk translated by Delphinium originally from the French author Netra

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

During the walk or to do/see around

- Between (2) and (7) : Garadhban Forest.
- Between (7) and (8) : nice walk though the fields.
- Waypoint (9) : Conic Hill ascent, beautiful panorama at the summit.
- Between (14) and (A) : several viewpoints over Loch Lomond.

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