An outing is the Créçois Country

A hike through the vast open areas of the Briarde countryside with large rolling hills and views as far as the eye can see, followed by shaded areas in the valley and on the Grand Morin hillsides. Pieces of the architectural heritage along the way, churches, mills and wash-houses, make the trip that more worthwhile.

The hike can be shortened to a 15 km walk, or split into two, one 8 km and the other 12 km (see useful information).

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A Saint-Germain-sur-Morin walk posted on 18/02/16 by Tamtraductions. Last update : 16/09/22
Calculated time Calculated time: 6h25 ?
Distance Distance : 20.23 km
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 229 m
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 221 m
Highest point Highest point : 133 m
Lowest point Lowest point : 45 m
Difficult Difficulty : Difficult
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Location Location : Saint-Germain-sur-Morin (77860)
Starting point Starting point : N 48.883214° / E 2.85351°
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Saint-Martin's mill


Saint-Germain-sur-Morin station car park, Rue du Marché.

(S/F) Head north, turn right and cross the railway crossing.

PR Waymarks (Yellow)

Cross the bridge and the crossroads and continue slightly askew to the right towards Coulommiers. Then keep to the left along Rue Pasteur leading to the church.

(1) Go around the church and keep following Rue Pasteur until a passage along a brook next to an EDF sub-station. Head left down the passage and once out go right onto Chemin des Fossés. Cross the next crossroads and head along Résidence du Corbier.

No Waymarks

Keep going straight on Chemin des Caves. Cross the crossroads with Rue de Moulignon. At the next junction (2) keep to the left on the grassy trail roughly following a contour line before heading downhill to the small valley five hundred meters further. It leads to a small degraded road.
After a turn to the right, followed by another to the left, you'll arrive near a tubular tunnel passing under the A4.

(3) The tunnel is horizontally split in two by metal grating: a pedestrian and bike passage above and the stream running below. Go through the tunnel. At the other end, after a left then a right, go through another tubular tunnel, smaller than the first, under the A140 access road.

The path turns left, then right 400 m further next to a water-treatment plant. 400 m further, at the top of the hill, you'll reach a crossing with a path next to a telephone pole with a Yellow FFCT waymark (French Cyclotouring Federation) (4). Ignore the path to the right (this is an alternative route, see useful info). Once you get closer to the village, you'll reach the GR®1 coming from the left near an equestrian centre.

GR Waymarks (Red and White)

Continue straight ahead and turn right in front of the First World War memorial. You'll pass by a wash-house 200 m later (5) "(Go around it as the most interesting part is on the other side)". At the fork head right and at the next crossroads go straight ahead towards Crécy- la- Chapelle. After about 500 m, turn left onto Chemin de Rebais which goes through fields over a kilometre heading south-east.

(6) Head off to the right onto route de Férolles. Carry on until a junction with a bus stop, a shelter and a map of Crécy-la-Chapelle. Turn right onto Rue de Chantrennes which heads downhill reaching a tarmac area.

(7) Go right, then after 300 m, head left down the agricultural track that starts off in front of an electric pole opposite an estate's metal gate. The track leads to a road. Cross over taking a steep trail leading to the edge of the D934. Cross over.

No Waymarks

Turn right, then at the traffic lights, head left towards the town centre reaching the crossing with Avenue de la Gare.

(8) Keep going until the Post Office and head left down the shaded alley. Walk along the canal in front of the belfry which is more pleasant. The alley curves to the right. Cross the road carrying on along the canal and then turn left along Grand Morin. Cross the footbridge to change bank and head right with the sports fields to your left-hand side. The path joins up with the D20 at the entrance to Le Faubourg hamlet. Keep going until the crossroads.

PR Waymarks (Yellow)

(9) Slant to the left onto Chemin Vert along Galerie de Crécy. The path is paved until a group of houses, then becomes a farm trail. At the junction, head left, then right in front of a house with two symmetrical roofs, a few dozen metres later.
At the next junction in front of an electric pole, go left on the path heading up the hill.
The path reaches a crossing with Sente des Brosses arriving from the right.

(10) Turn left onto the road opposite Sente des Brosses (Rue de la ronce) then right onto rue de l'Orme.
Cross rue de Villiers and fifty metres after, head right onto Ruelle du Rondet leading to a road where you'll turn left, then right a few metres further onto Sente de la Mare Pottier.

(11) The small trail becomes a farm trail passing through fields and reaching a wood where it then heads right along the border. After a turn left it reaches a crossroads at the corner of a wall bordering a large estate.

(12) Go straight along the wall and turn right at the crossroads at the next corner and follow a small road leading you to a remote house.

(13) At the corner of the house, turn left on a trail heading down into the small valley going passed "lavoir de Retz" (wash-house). Then, head uphill and go right, along the road, then a few dozen metres further, head left onto Ruelle Isaac. At the end of the paved section, at the corner of the last house, turn left onto the path heading up towards the plateau. 500 m further, at the T junction, head off to the right and turn left onto a large forest trail heading through the housing estate.

(14) Head right onto Sente des Gains at the first crossroads. It heads downhill through woods and meadows along a brook reaching Villiers at a crossroads. Take a sharp left onto Chemin Vicinal N°1 (leave the waymarks for a moment). It turns into a small narrow trail ending up at a road, cross over and then turn right heading straight along Chemin des Roches at the next crossroads (getting back to the waymarks). It heads off to the right before reaching a T junction.

(15) Head left onto Chemin des Carreaux twenty odd metres before the crossroads. Turn right at the next crossing keeping to Chemin des Carreaux. It ends up near the A4 on a large trail.

(16) Take a right passing under a frame, then, a dozen metres later head right down a trail into the small valley. You'll go passed a large wash-house leading to the extended part of Rue de la Picardie at the bottom of the hill (it's the D8a). Turn left and head under the A4 bridge.

(17) 300 m later, turn right to pass under the railway tracks. Keep to the trail heading along the railway tracks until the D934 at Saint-Germain-sur-Morin between the level-crossing and Grand Morin Bridge.

Turn left, cross over the level-crossing and turn left again onto Rue du Marché (S/F).

Waypoints :
D/A : km 0 - alt. 46 m
1 : km 0.58 - alt. 55 m - Couilly-Pont-aux-Dames Church
2 : km 1.55 - alt. 77 m - Junction, keep to the left of the grassy trail
3 : km 2.91 - alt. 69 m - Tunnel under the A4
4 : km 3.79 - alt. 87 m - Telephone pole, FFCT waymark (French Cyclotouring
5 : km 4.51 - alt. 92 m - Semi-circular wash-house
6 : km 6.4 - alt. 133 m - Bus shelter, head right
7 : km 7.17 - alt. 104 m - Electric pole and gate
8 : km 8.28 - alt. 51 m - Crécy-la-Chapelle station
9 : km 9.81 - alt. 53 m - Galerie de Crécy
10 : km 11.63 - alt. 92 m - Sente des Brosses
11 : km 12.69 - alt. 125 m - Sente de la Mare Pottier
12 : km 13.56 - alt. 114 m - Corner of an estate's wall
13 : km 14.23 - alt. 81 m - Trailhead at the corner of the house
14 : km 15.89 - alt. 124 m - Sente des Gains, turn right
15 : km 17.24 - alt. 91 m - Chemin des Carreaux, take it
16 : km 17.93 - alt. 102 m - Frame, go under
17 : km 18.94 - alt. 54 m - Railway bridge, go under
D/A : km 20.23 - alt. 46 m

Useful Information

Couilly - Saint-Germain - Quincy du Francilien station being at the beginning of the route, you can reach the hike by public transport. For train schedules, check out Transilien.

Hiking shoes, hats and drinks.

This long hike can be made into three shorter ones:

About an 8 km hike:

Start from Saint-Germain-sur-Morin station car park and once you get to Crécy-la-Chapelle station (8) take the train back (A).

About a 12 km hike:

If you're driving, park your car at St-Germain-sur-Morin station car park (A), take the train to Crécy-la-Chapelle and start the hike from waypoint (8).

About a 15 km hike:

At waypoint (4), turn right onto the path. Ford the stream at the bottom of the small valley then once you get Montpichet hamlet head right down onto a road between numbers 18 and 20. Carry on for 500 m until you get to number 31.
"(If fording is not possible, go back and continue along the road until Bouleurs village then turn right onto the D125 then right again onto the D33E 500 m further. You'll arrive at Montpichet hamlet. Carry on until the house at N°31. This increases the hike by about 1.2 km)."
Take a left and head down the kilometre long farm trail leading to a T junction next to a fenced hedge. Head right onto another trail due west then south-west reaching another junction on the outskirts of Montbarbin hamlet.
Locate the PR® waymark (Yellow) and take the path opposite down a steep slope then turn right onto a road 250 m further down.
After fifty metres, head left onto Rue du Tertre. It's a concrete path which passes next to Montbarbin wash-house. It leads to the D934 near traffic lights and a level-crossing.

Cross the D934 at the traffic lights, cross over the level-crossing and continue down the D406 towards Villiers-sur-Morin. Cross Grand Morin River and head left onto Rue du Bas de Villiers.
A hundred metres further, take a right onto a paved road along a steep-sided stream. Shortly after the church, you'll cross a bridge to the left then take the road heading uphill. At the corner, take a left onto Chemin des Coudrets. At the end of an estate's fence with two figures on top of the gate's columns, the path comes to an end. Take a sharp right turn down the path which is pretty much horizontal. A hundred metres further, turn left up towards a junction at the corner of a large estate's wall. Regain the main route and waypoint (12).

Visorando and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

During the walk or to do/see around

Themed tours of Vallée des peintres du Grand Morin.

L'église Saint-Georges in Couilly-Pont-aux-Dames.

L'église Saint-Rémy in Villiers-sur-Morin.

The wash-houses.

Moulin Nicole and others

Collégiale Notre-Dame-de--l'Assomption in Crécy-la-Chapelle.

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